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segunda-feira, janeiro 31, 2005

Playlist 30 Janeiro

Destaque da semana: Funami, projecto luso-canadiano de electrónica. O único "instrumento" usado no álbum de estreia é a voz. Altamente recomendável!!

1. Chemical Brothers - Slow (original de Kylie Minogue)
2. Chemical Brothers – The boxer (push the button)
3. Chemical Bros – Close your eyes (push the button)
4. 4 hero - Les Fleur (Creating patterns)
5. A guy called gerald – The First Breath (Essence)
6. Aim – Sail (Cold water music)
7. Funami - Break my fall (Funami)
8. Funami - At the corner (Funami)
9. 1 UIK Project - Serenata (Spring Samba) feat. Melo D (Strategies and Survival)
10. 1 UIK Project - Promessa feat. Dora Cruz (Strategies and survival)
11. Micro Audio Waves - Fully Connected (No waves)
12. Micro Audio Waves – Al Pacino (No waves)
13. Amp Fiddler - Dreamin' (Waltz of a Ghetto Fly)
14. Dj shadow – Painkiller - kill the pain (Depeche Mode Remixes 81-04)
15. Moloko – Ho humm (Do you like my tight sweater)
16. Nightmares on wax – Date with destiny (Mind elevation)
17. Rjd2 - Good times roll (Dead ringer)
18. Scratch massive – Why (Enemy and Lovers)
19. Sia - Sunday (Colour the small one)
20. St. Germain (Ludovic Navarre) - Dub experience (From Detroit to St. Germain)
21. Thievery Corporation – Vai vai (The outernational sound)
22. Thievery Corporation – Chez roger boite funk (The outernational sound)
23. Tosca - Wonderful (Delhi 9)
24. Up Bustle and out - Silks Perfume and Gold (Light’em up, blow)
25. Ursula Rucker - Lonely can be sweet (Silver or lead)
26. Beck - Lonesome tears (Sea Change)

quinta-feira, janeiro 27, 2005

Playlist 23 Janeiro

O programa desta semana foi inteiramente dedicado aos Chemical Brothers. Fizémos uma retrospectiva da sua carreira e apresentámos o novo álbum "Push the button" na véspera do seu lançamento oficial.

Aqui fica a playlist:

Álbum "Exit Planet Dust"

Leave Home
In Dust We Trust
One Too Many Mornings
Life is Sweet (com Tim Burgess)

Álbum "Dig Your Own Hole"

Dig Your Own Hole
Setting Sun
Get Up On It Like This
Lost in the K-Hole

Álbum "Brother's Gonna Work It Out"

Morning Lemon

Álbum "Surrender"

Out of Control (ao vivo)
Let Forever Be
Hey Boy Hey Girl

Álbum "Come With Us"

Come With Us
My Elastic Eye

Álbum "Push The Button"

The Boxer (com Tim Burgess)
Hold Tight London (com Anna Lynne)
Come Inside
Close Your Eyes (com The Magic Numbers)
Surface to Air

Está prometido o remix para "Slow" da Kylie Minogue no próximo programa dia 30.

quinta-feira, janeiro 20, 2005

Playlist 16 Janeiro

Olá pessoal desculpem o atraso na playlist desta semana. Os destaques foram para o novo single/videoclip dos 1-UIK Project: "Strategies of Survival" - com as participações de Baggy & Scardino e Cyz - bem como para a restante família "Enchufada". Continuamos também a destacar o novo dos The Gift, AM-FM.

1. David Bowie – Battle for Britain (The Letter)
2. Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix) (G sides)
3. The Faint – Paranoiattack (Wet from Birth)
4. The Prodigy – Girls (Always ounumbered never outgunned)
5. 1-UIK Project – Strategies of Survival (feat Baggy & Scardino e Cyz) (Strategies and Survival)
6. Fusionlab feat Kalaf – Havemos de ir a Viana (Amália Revisited)
7. Kaspar e Rui Murka feat Melo D – Vou dar de beber à dor (Antidote version) (Amália Revisited)
8. Spill – Time (Spill)
9. Mr. Scruff – Get a move on (Get a move on)
10. Blasted Mechanism – Bolivian feel (Namasté)
11. The Gift – I am AM (AM/FM)
12. The Gift – 11.33 (AM/FM)
13. The Gift – Music (AM/FM)
14. Mirways – Naïve song (Production)
15. Fatboy Slim – The weekend starts here (Chill Out)
16. The Amalgamation of Soundz – Enchant me (Chill Out)
17. A Guy called gerald – Fever (Erotic Lounge)
18. Hooverphonic – Out of sight (The Magnificent Tree)
19. Stone Roses – Daybreak (Second Coming)
20. Kool & the Gang – Jungle Boogie (Pulp Fiction OST)
21. Al Green – Let’s stay together (Pulp Fiction OST)
22. Rádio Macau – De azul em azul (Onde o tempo faz a curva)
23. Nitin Sawhney – Sunset (Prophesy)
24. Bjork - Oceania (Medulla)
25. Lamb - Lullaby (Fear of Fours)

quarta-feira, janeiro 12, 2005

Playlist 9 Janeiro

1. Radiohead - Pyramid Song (Amnesiac)
2. Matthew Herbert - You're unknown to me (Bodily Functions)
3. Air - Talisman (Moon Safari)
4. Koop - Waltz for Koop (Waltz for Koop)
5. Le Tone - Bitter Crop (Paris Lounge - Paris by day)
6. Loopless - Is the phone broken or something (Loopless)
7. Pluramon - Time Catharsia Mix (Dreams Top Rock)
8. Smoke City - This song (Heroes of nature)
9. Nouvelle Vague - Love will tear us apart (Nouvelle Vague)
10. Sia - Breathe me (Colour the small one)
11. Morcheeba - Blindfold (Big Calm)
12. Cinematic Orchestra - All that you give (Everyday, 2002)
13. Lali Puna - Faking the books (Faking the books)
14. Joseph Malik - Aquarius song (Aquarius songs)
15. Emotional - Extatic Chill (New York Chillout lounge)
16. 1-UIK Project - Serenata (Spring Samba) (Strategies and Survival)
17. Gus Gus - Why (Polydistortion)
18. Azure Ray - These white lights will bend to make blue (Hold on love)
19. Astrud Gilberto - Light my fire (Music from the verve hiki)
20. Two banks of four - Unclaimed (Three Street Worlds)
21. Otto - Dedo de Deus (Sem Gravidade)
22. Massive Attack - What your soul sings (100th Window)
23. Goldfrapp - Lovely head (Felt Mountain)
24. Madredeus - Oxalá (Electrónico)
25. Bliss - Breathe (Quiet Letters)
26. Portishead - Mysterons (Roseland NYC Live)

quarta-feira, janeiro 05, 2005

Playlist 2 Janeiro

1.Tom Barman - Elle et moi (any way the wind blows OST)
2.Beck - Where it's at (Odelay)
3.Vikter duplaix – i’ll do it for you (Singles Prelude To The Future)
4.Balla – Nada (se...) (Balla)
5.David Holmes - 69 Police (Ocean’s Eleven OST)
6.Charley Marlowe – Limo (Brazil 5000)
7.Funkstörung - Sleeping beauty feat. Lou Rhodes (Disconnected)
8.Truby trio - Bad luck (feat Joseph Malik) (Elevator Music)
9.Moloko - Should've Been Could've Been (I am not a doctor)
10.Maria Rita - Cara Valente (Maria Rita)
11.Omar Faruk Tekbilek - Shashkin (Hefner Remix) (Lamb Back to Mine)
12.Freestylers – Blowin’ ya brainz (Pressure point)
13.Massive Attack – One Thought At A Time (Danny the Dog OST)
14.A Naifa – Queixas de um utente (Canções subterrâneas)
15.Otto – Retratista (Condom Black)
16.Joseph Malik - Mistress moonlight (Aquarius Songs)
17.FC Kahuna – Hayling (Machine says yes)
18.Nicorette – Uriel (Eternal Premiére)
19.Death in Vegas – Dirt (Dead Elvis)
20.Mr Scruff - Shelf wobbler (Trouser Jazz-PROMO)
21.Piero Piccioni - Psychedelic Mood (Death in Vegas Back to Mine)
22.Kruder & Dorfmeister – Dubolition (The G-stone book)
23.The Dzihan and Kamien orchestra – After (Live in Vienna)
24.Vive la fete – Assez (Nuit Blanche)
25.Primal scream feat. Kate Moss – Some velvet morning (Dirty Hits)