Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

quinta-feira, janeiro 30, 2014

Sub-Zero Janeiro: 18 @ Rádio Zero | 19 @ RUA FM

Sleepin' Giant - Sunshine (Two Syllables volume ten)
Soosh - Always (Greenwood Sharps remix)
Zebbler Encanti Experience - Totem (Bwoy de Bhajan remix) (Altered Projections)
Blossom - Double K. (Blue balloons)
King Krule - Easy easy (10syl remix)
Octa Push - Please, please, please (Molo remix) (Please, please, please)
Lockah - If loving u is wrong, I don't want to be wrong (12" edit) (If loving u is wrong, I don't want to be wrong)
Yosi Horikawa - Bump (Two Syllables volume ten)
Walrus Ghost - Paperhands (Uplifting themes for the naysayer)
Cock & Swan - Inner Portal (Snowman Plan remix) (Recess Tangle vol.2)
Missing Hito - You and me, baby (✿)
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Signed, sealed, delivered I'm yours (Sweetheart 2014)
The Fontanelles - Pinprick (Two Syllables volume ten)
Actress - Birdcage (Ghettoville)
Pony Bravo - Ibitza (De Palmas y Caceria)

domingo, janeiro 19, 2014

Sub-Zero Janeiro: 11 @ Rádio Zero | 12 @ RUA FM

Soosh - Always (Shigeto's what we've been thru redux)
Jonwayne - Sandals (Rap album one)
Tree - Like whoa (Scion AV presents: Tree - The @MCTREEG EP)
Black Knights - Never let go
Haas Al Mahdi - Nature sounds
Milosh - Jetlag (Jetlag)
Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five - The Message (Tall Black Guy remix)
Kosha Dillz - What's going on upstairs (Awkward in a good way)
Beat Spacek - Alone in da sun (Alone in da sun)
Jon Hopkins - Breathe this air (feat. Purity Ring) (Immunity)
Pony Bravo - Mi DNI (De Palmas y Caceria)
Clara Hill - Lost Winter (Walk the distance)
Todd Terje - Spiral (Spiral)

sábado, janeiro 11, 2014

Sub-Zero Dezembro: 28 @ Rádio Zero | 29 @ RUA FM

Uma selecção do Sub-Zero para os top downloads de 2013 da XLR8R.

Andrew Bayer - It's going to be fine
A Sol Mechanic - 1992 (Emotion terrace)
EPROM - Subroc (Halflife)
Astronautica - Cruise (Replay last night)
Essáy - Lyla
Stèv - Winter train (Elsewhere EP)
Letherette - After dawn (Bibio remix) (After dawn)
Tropics - Don't you know (Troy Gunner remix)
Henry Saiz - Fill me up (Essáy's run away remix)
The xx - Chained (Oneman 119 house edit)
Phaeleh - Make you feel
Karma Kid - In my arms (Maths Times Joy remix)
Mogadishu - Shades and rays
Gold Panda- Brazil (Slow Magic remix)
Black Noi$e - Hold on (Hold on)
Soosh - The way you (feat- Carmel Khavari) (Colour is breathe)

Sub-Zero Dezembro: 21 @ Rádio Zero | 22 @ RUA FM

Alice Russell - I loved you (To dust / I loved you)
Mello Music Group - Invisible walls (feat. Oddisee)
Emmy Curl - Pisces (Cherry Luna)
Emmy Curl - Night Sky (Cherry Luna)
Strand - Bankstaz' groove (Bankstaz' Paradize)
Strand - Ain't no fun (if the banks can't have none) feat. Shuane (Bankstaz' Paradize)
Stay Classy - Alright (Autumn - The Jazz Jousters)
SmokedBeat - Cal M (Calculation)
Scaley WaleZ - La brisa de la isla (Calculation)
iZem - Celia
Eddie Bradford - You Made Your Bed (Scrimshire I'm Soapy Edit)
Benjamin One - True religion (The Clash EP)
Todd Terje - Spiral (Spiral)

Sub-Zero Dezembro: 14 @ Rádio Zero | 15 @ RUA FM

esta. - Undress (your mind) (Paradise)
JMSN - Walk away (:Papercutz remix)
Kaelin Ellis - Another beat (Tear for fears - Shout - Kaelin Ellis remix)
Rain Dog - Felicity feat. Bigson (Two words)
Rain Dog - Regolith (Two words)
Rain Dog - Watch over feat. Sam Rogers (Two words)
Fulgeance - Whut it iz feat. Fresh Daily (VECT remix) (Step-thru remixed)
Fortune - Bullet on you baby (feat. Leo Wood) (From the top)
Pragmatic theory - Opal Block - An ode to Jon (Horizons)
Ambassadeurs - Make me
My dry wet mess - End and back
Benji Boko x Fleshcat - Ain't that a bitch! (Remixes vol. 2)
Xaphoon Jones - MY KZ, UR BF (HARRISON Re-Twerk/Bootleg)
Jean du Voyage - Impermanence (Lithium)

Sub-Zero Dezembro: 7 @ Rádio Zero | 8 @ RUA FM

Warpaint - Biggy (Warpaint)
Crow Gang - Maxine lightanel (The Pecking order)
Illum Sphere - Sleeprunner (Sleeprunner EP)
Mr. Carmack - Humbled (Thank you)
See-I - Real steel (Fort Knox Five remix) (Real Steel)
Ty - Knock Knock (DJ Spinna Beyond Real remix) (Kick, Snare and an Idea part 3)
N.A.S.A. - Hide (feat. Ayzli Jones) (Hide)
Youngblood Brass Band - Rolling in the deep (Rolling in the deep)
Ashley Beedle - Dett (Shock Tribute) feat. Zed Bias & Ricardo Da Force (Yardism vol. 2)
De Lux - Better at making time (Scion AV presents: De Lux)
De Lux - I've got to make a statement (no more likes or ums) (Scion AV presents: De Lux)
Small Change and DJ Reaganomics - I'm jukin' (B-More of Soul EP)