Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

domingo, outubro 27, 2013

Sub-Zero Outubro: 19 @ Rádio Zero | 20 @ RUA FM

KILN - Boro (meadow:watt)
Shad - Y'all know me feat. Ebrahim (Flying colours)
Boardwalk - I'm to blame (Boardwalk)
Louis M^ttrs - God's help (Beachy head EP)
Paul McCartney - Appreciate (NEW)
Cock & Swan - Secret angle (Secret angles)
Pretty Lights - Reel 15 break 5 (A color map of the sun - Live studio sessions)
Break Science - Chronovisor (Seven bridges)
Alice Russell - To dust (To dust / I loved you)
Color film - Until you turn blue (Anenon remix) (Until you turn blue EP)
Huesstick - There's something wrong with your brain (Sounds summon)
MC Zulu - World of confusion (Outlaw speakerbox - Anthology)
Fela Kuti - ITT (iZem edit)
Ghost Mutt - Dintuno? (Rumble pak)

Sub-Zero Outubro: 12 @ Rádio Zero | 13 @ RUA FM

Lorn - Bury your brother (Debris EP)
Lost Midas - Boss man feat. Nu'Trik (Hyper phase)
Wax Tailor - Bah bah bah (feat. Voice) (Bah bah bah / Lonely)
The Stepkids - Desert in the dark (Troubador)
The Stepkids - Moving pictures (Troubador)
The Stepkids - Moving pictured (Troubador)
Shad - Stylin feat. Saukrates (Flying colors)
Tom Day & Monoonsiren - Elegiac (Uprising)
Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks - Sugarfoot stomp (Pete Rock remix) (Boardwalk Empire presents:  sounds of the onyx)
4 player co-op - Picture perfect phantasy (music inspired by Rayman Legends) (Picture perfect phantasy)
Souleance - Vacancies (Zoo originals #2)
Nappy Riddem - Rastaman (Rock steady EP)
Deco - Late night fading (Timescales)
Qdup - Rock on it feat. Mathews (Let's go EP)

domingo, outubro 06, 2013

Sub-Zero Outubro: 6 Outubro @ RUA FM

Submerse - Keepoised (Melonkoly)
RJD2 - See you leave (feat. STS & Khari Mateen) (More is than isn't)
Ambassadeurs - Vacation
Hot Sugar - Erica (feat. The GTW) (Made man EP)
Ruspo - Piratas (Esses patifes)
Ruspo - Chatuba do Agroboy (Esses patifes)
Quantic & Nidia Gongora - Ñanguita (Muevelo Negro / Ñanguita)
Kratos Himself - DMT (Aske remix) (Imagination)
dB + PZ - Cara de Chewbacca
Daimyo - Emotions feat. Abgohard (Blessed relief)
Oddisee - Fievre (The beauty in all)
Bahama Soul Club - Ay Jona (The Cuban Tapes)
Amin Payne - Midnite affair (George Benson tribute)
Amin Payne - Shivers (GeorgeBenson tribute)
Kelpe - Beaks of eagles (Fulgeance remix) (Fourth: the golden eagle remixed)

Sub-Zero Setembro: 28 @ Rádio Zero | 29 @ RUA FM

Chants - Duet for rain storms & drum samples (Don't miss you)
Soosh - Colour is breathe (feat. Carmel Khavari) (Kyson remix)
Jordan Rakel - Shaclacklack the puppet (Freebies #51)
Cock & Swan - Night valley (Secret angles)
Cock & Swan - Night rising (Secret angles)
Iamnobodi - Maputo dance (Elevated)
Cain - Shipwright (Mora)
Machinedrum - Center your love (Vapor city)
Deltron 3030 feat. Casual and Damon Albarn - What is this loneliness (Event II)
DJ Mentos - Funky Cannonball (Blazing alto)
Stay Classy - We use your music (Blazing alto)
HΛRRISON - Come closer (When it rains)
PR - Next destination (Moment in time)
Harleighblu - Who's that girl? (Forget me not)
Makoto - Ritual (Prmitive EP)
Sleepin' Giants - Raving bully (Dobie's Bully Face remix) (Raving bully)