Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

sábado, setembro 19, 2015

Sub-Zero Agosto: 29 @ Rádio Zero | 30 @ RUA FM

Flamingosis - Sleeplessness (Kahunastyle)
Feverkin & Koresma - Folds
Public Enemy - Corplantationopoly (Man plans god laughs)
Boulevards - Got to go (Boulevards)
Dfalt - Eighties hacker (Dfalt)
Radar Cult - The balancing act (No masquerade, Pt. 1) (Memory sweep)
Seven Davis Jr. - Good vibes feat. Julio Bashmore (Universes)
Carly Simon - Why (12" mix DJAO Screwmix) (Screwmixes II)
Count Counsellor - Cloud calls (& the childhood heroes)
Flamingosis - Groovin' (feat. Yung Bae) (Kahunastyle)
J-Felix - Lady T (Si Tew remix) (Keep on (we ain't here for long))
Monika - Shake your hands feat. Andrew Wyatt (Secret in the dark)
Giorgio Oehlers - Sunshine & Margaritas (Werk space)

Sub-Zero Agosto: 22 @ Rádio Zero | 23 @ RUA FM

Sub-Zero August: 22 @ Rádio Zero | 23 @ RUA FM by Noway Deejay on Mixcloud

DJ Hellblazer - Manhattan & Brooklyn (We got it in nature vol. 5)
Bastien Keb - Beat without a heart
Boy Ge Mednes - Ayuweh (Marsiano's 808 rework)
Electric Wire Hustle - Brother sun feat. Kimbra (Aeons EP)
Jean-Michel Jarre & 3D - Watching you (3D extended remix) (Remix EP I)
Georgia - Move systems (Georgia vs Stella Warpaint version) (Georgia)
The Chemical Brothers - I'll see you there (Born in the echoes)
Seven Davis Jr. - Freedom (Universes)
Blue soul - Deeper inside (Deeper inside)
Hawke - Cantamon (Steve Cobby remix) (Cantamon)