Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

quarta-feira, abril 23, 2014

Sub-Zero Abril: 19 @ Rádio Zero | 20 @ RUA FM

Molo - The ghosts are dancing (Yoggyone remix) (The ghosts are dancing)
Molo - Glisten (The ghosts are dancing)
Nostalgia 77 - Your love weighs a tonne (Ambassadeurs remix) (Your love weighs a tone)
Zara McFarlane - Open heart (Swindle remix) (Open heart)
Apollo Brown - The answer (Cigarette burns EP)
Cars & trains - History of the night (History of the night)
Cars & trains - Irony and consequence (w/ William Ryan Fritch) (History of the night)
Hidden Orchestra - Disquiet (Floex remix) (Archipelago remixes part 2)
Metá Metá - Man Feriman (MetaL MetaL)
Magic Drum Orchestra - Get up (MDO sessions 2)
Kidkanevil - Inakunaru feat. Phasma (My little ghost)
Hundred Waters - Xtalk (The moon rang like a bell)
Salto - Can't you see me (Beat oven #01)

sábado, abril 19, 2014

Sub-Zero Abril: 12 @ Rádio Zero | 13 @ RUA FM

DESSERT - You're welcome
dd elle - Kind 2 U
Quantic and his Combo Barbaro - The dreaming mind (part 1) (Tru-Thoughts in Brazil)
TM Juke and The Jack Baker Trio - Omak Besar (Big waves) (Tru-Thoughts in Brazil)
Kelis - Runnin' (Machinedrum remix)
Bruno Pernadas - Ahhhhh (How can we be joyful in a world full of knowledge)
Bruno Pernadas - Huzoor (How can we be joyful in a world full of knowledge)
Bruno Pernadas - Pink ponies don't fly on jupiter (How can we be joyful in a world full of knowledge)
Essa - Prayers of a non-believer feat. D.Ablo (The misadventures of a middle man)
Robokid & Norms - #4BAE (Do Androids Dance exclusive)
Astro Raph - Eternal Spirit (Eternal Spirit)
Big Spider's Back - Brushwerk (Ssoft EP)

sábado, abril 12, 2014

Sub-Zero Abril: 5 @ Rádio Zero | 6 @ RUA FM

Thus : Owls - White flags down (Turning rocks)
Young & Sick - Heartache fetish
Jamall Bufford - Nineteen (instrumental, prod. 14KT & Zo!) (Victim of a modern age - instrumentals)
Cool World - Chily (Cool world EP)
Metome - Take this love (Julien Mier remix)
Musi-O-Tunya - When I'm gonne (Give love to your children)
Mobonix - Tuff skin (Machine man)
KOAN Sound - 7th dimension (Dynasty)
KOAN Sound - Infinite funk (Dynasty)
KOAN Sound - Lost in thought (Dynasty)
Blak Movie - Give up
Drew Gragg - Metroplex theme
GoldLink - Divine (feat. Kali Uchis, prod. Louie Lastic)
Fela Kuti - ITT (iZem Edit)
Slow Steve - Minuit Minuit Minuit (Collection #1)

Sub-Zero Março: 29 @ Rádio Zero | 30 @ RUA FM

Zara McFarlane - Angie la la (If you knew her)
Philip Grass - All I need (Devonwho remix)
Quantic - Magnetica
Alice Russell - Breakdown feat. Darondo (Breakdown)
✿ Missing Hito ✿ - It's Okay
Little Dragon - Klapp Klapp (Swindle mix)
Mo Kolours - Mike Black (Mo Kolours)
Albert Swarm - Restraints (The Cage EP)
Asher Roth - Tangerine Girl (Tangerine girl)
Ki:Theory - Stasis (Cubicolor remix) (KITTY HAWK Deluxe)
Jonas Reinhardt - Virgo cluster (The Beat Broker remix)
Mr. Scruff - Render me feat. Denis Jones (Friendly bacteria)

Sub-Zero Março: 22 @ Rádio Zero | 23 @ RUA FM

Fieldhead - Hecla (Fury and Hecla)
VVV - Nothing I would't do (Separate planes)
VVV - Exaltation (Separate planes)
A/T/O/S - What I need (A/T/O/S)
A/T/O/S - Run (A/T/O/S)
Joakim - On the beach
SmokedBeat - Good old days (Smoked mood volume 2)
SmokedBeat - A moment (Smoked mood volume 2)
Alpines - Oasis (Edmondson 6am version)
Huess - Sandpaper (Sandpaper)
Huess - Recidivist (Sandpaper)
Kool A.D. - Look (feat. Kassa, prod. Issue) (Word O.K.)
Grieves - Kidding me (Winter & the wolves)
Mr. Pauer - Dare (feat. Ana & Maye Osorio) (Dare + remixes)