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quinta-feira, dezembro 14, 2006

Sub-Zero 10 Dezembro

Destaques da semana:

- Apresentação do novo álbum homónimo e entrevista com os Cool Hipnoise
- Estreia no Sub-Zero do novo álbum dos Spektrum - Fun at the Gymkhana Club
- Last to leave, o 2º álbum do projecto HardKandy


Dark Comedy – In my home (Funkfaker: Music saves my soul)
Madlib – Steppin’ into tomorrow (Shades of blue)
Max Sedgley – Happy (Happy Single)
Impedance – Tainted love (DJ Kicks: Playgroup)

Spektrum – Fun at the Gymkhana Club

May day
Don’t be shy

Robbie Williams – Rudebox (Chicken Lips Malfunction) (Rudebox – remixes)
Outlines – Just a little lovin’ (original) (Sonar Kollektiv 4)

Cool Hipnoise - Cool Hipnoise

Dois dias
Tudo a Nu (Bonus Track)
HardKandy - Last to leave

Three days
State of you
Loose ends

Micah – Revelation (Everything)
Hot Chip – Look after me (The Warning)
Massive Attack – Live with me (feat. Terry Callier) (Collected)
Walter Meego – One Five (Walter Meego EP)
Mirways – Never young again (Production)

domingo, dezembro 10, 2006

Sub-Zero 3 Dezembro

Stereotyp – Keepin’ me (feat. Sandra Kurzweil and Rupert Tubbs) (Keepin’ me)
Junior boys – Equaliser (So this is goodbye)
Sia – Breathe me (Four Tet remix) (Four Tet remixes)
Ursula Rucker – For women (Ma’at mama)
Beck – New round (The information)
Eva Be & Joe Dukie – No memory of time (Reggae Version) (Jazzanova - …broadcasting)
Deyampert – Held him first feat. Clover from Amraah 8 (Jazzanova - …mixing)
Mocky – I´m yours (Jazzanova & Resoul – Secret Love Vol. 3)
Koop – Whenever there is you (vocals by Yukimi Nagano) (Koop islands)
Alif Tree – I feel blue (French cuisine)
Hipnotica – Soul rise (Reconcilliation)
Loopless – Pink blue hotel (Loopless)
Alice Russel – (My favourite letters)
Boozoo Bajou – Treat me (feat. Willie Hutch)
Nightmares on wax - You wish (In a space outta sound)
Amp Fiddler – Find my way (Afro strut)
Jefferson feat. Sarah-Jane – Feeling the sun (Departure Lounge – World Grooves)
Balla – O fim da luta (A grande mentira)
Kaada – Care (Thank you for giving me your valuable time)
DJ Shadow – This time (I’m gonna try it my way) (The outsider)
Shawn Lee - No surprises (Exit Music: songs with radio heads)
Cayetano – After all (It’s bossa) (Focused)
Quantic - Sabor feat. Tempo (An announcement to answer)
Her Majesty’s Sound – I am (A lady) (The Beach – St. Tropez)