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quinta-feira, dezembro 31, 2015

Sub-Zero Podcast

A partir de Janeiro de 2015, os podcasts do Sub-Zero passarão a ser disponibilizados via Mixcloud e poderão ser ouvidos em cada post com a respectiva playlist (ver em baixo).

Starting in January 2015, Sub-Zero's podcasts will be made available through Mixcloud and can be heard on each post with the respective playlist (see below).

segunda-feira, julho 27, 2015

Sub-Zero Julho: 25 @ Rádio Zero | 26 @ RUA FM

Skylab - Next (#1)
Skylab - Ikb/Mothra (#2 1999 Large as life and twice as natural)
Tevin Campbell - Shhh (Break it down) (DJAO screwmix) (Screwmixes II)
Carly Simon - Why (12" mix) (DJAO screwmix) (Screwmixes II)
Electrocado - Speedle feat. Circuit Bent (Scribble)
Mild High Club - Undeniable (Timeline)
Seven Davis Jr - Be a man feat. fLako (Universes)
Seven Davis Jr - No worries (Universes)
Jean-Michel Jarre & 3D - Watching you (3D extended remix) (Remix EP (I))
Jean-Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream - Zero gravity (Above & beyond remix) (Remix EP (I))

terça-feira, julho 21, 2015

Sub-Zero Julho: 18 @ Rádio Zero | 19 @ RUA FM

Count Counsellor - Cloud calls (Count Counsellor & The Childhood Heroes)
Isaura - Dancefloor (Serendipity)
Isaura - Useless (LASERS remix) (Serendipity)
Moodprint - Cold turkey (feat. Elaquent)
Taylor Barrow - Krustiq bits (1161)
L'Orange & Kool Keith - Twenty fifty three (feat. Mr. Lif) (Time? Astonishing!)
Strange Faith - Hard work in (good loving out) (Walking over / Hard work in (good loving out)
Mojo Rising - Busted n dusted (Moving forward)
Bilal - Money over love feat. Kendrick Lamar (In another life)
The Chemical Brothers - I'll see you there (Born in the echoes)
The Chemical Brothers - Born in the echoes (feat. Cate Le Bon) (Born in the echoes)
Sweatson KlanK - Nightcap
Blue Soul - Deeper inside (Deeper inside)
Hawke - Cantamon (Steve Cobby remix) (Cantamon)

Sub-Zero Julho: 11 @ Rádio Zero | 12 @ RUA FM

Venture - Cliffy (Third variety)
Mojo Rising - Moving forward (Moving forward)
Mojo Rising - In the pocket (Moving forward)
Thunder & Co - Apples (Lewis M. remix)
Georgia - Nothing Solutions (Welcome to Georgia)
Vursatyl - It's nothing (It's nothing)
Oscar - Forget me not (Beautiful words)
Kutiman - Inner galactic lovers (Inner galactic lovers)
Fine Print - About you (Fine print)
Hudson Alexander - Needs (Needs / So many things)
Rory Hoy feat. Ashley Slater - Hey everybody! (Dr. Bone remix) (Hey everybody!)
Romare - Rainbow (Rainbow)

segunda-feira, julho 20, 2015

Sub-Zero Junho: 13 @ Rádio Zero | 14 @ RUA FM

Persian Empire - Blame (Her) (DONC)
Space Captain - Remedy (Easier / remedy)
Amin Payne - Try feat. Croup (First light)
Deceptikon - 1878 (Presido)
Maribou State - Raincoats (Portraits)
The Funk District - Robot soul (Hotbox dub) (Robot soul)
Lockah - Lawrence's weird joint (It gets more cloudy...)
Da Chick - Don't touch my soul (Chick to chick)
Da Chick - Funk call (Chick to chick)
The Seshen - 2000 seasons (Astronauts, etc. remix) (Unravel remix EP)
Calvin Love - Luna (Super future)
Calvin Love - Daydream (Super future)
Calvin Love - You & I (Super future)
WIN WIN - Been so long (Larry Gus remix)

sábado, julho 18, 2015

Sub-Zero June: 6 @ Rádio Zero | 7 @ RUA FM

Sub-Zero June: 6 @ Rádio Zero | 7 @ RUA FM by Noway Deejay on Mixcloud

Danny Scrilla - Rigel7 (True sight)
Jay-Jay Johanson - Drowsy / Too young to say good night (Opium)
Adrian Younge / Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Feel alive feat. Carolina and Loren Oden (Linear Labs: Los Angeles)
Quantic presents The Western Transient - A new constellation (Creation (East L.A.))
Quantic presents The Western Transient - Creation (East L.A.) (The Reflex revision) (Creation (East L.A.))
Gecko Turner - I'll do that (That place by the thing with the cool name)
Persian Empire - DONC (DONC)
The Seshen - Turn (Uluru Peak remix) (Unravel remix EP)
The Seshen - Unravel (Lost Midas remix) (Unravel remix EP)
Maribou State - Rituals (Portraits)
Hudson Alexander - Don't go (Don't go / I want you near me)
Banku - Play along (Quicksilver EP)
Jaga Jazzist - Starfire (Starfire) 

quarta-feira, julho 15, 2015

Sub-Zero Maio: 30 @ Rádio Zero | 31 @ RUA FM

Sub-Zero May: 30 @ Rádio Zero | 31 @ RUA FM by Noway Deejay on Mixcloud

Fink - Fall into the light (Horizontalism)
Fitzroy North - Ampersand (Cronopic)
WIN WIN - Air (Been so long)
Maribou State - Steal (feat. Holly Walker) (Portraits)
Maribou State - Raincoats (Portraits)
Gyasi Ross - The Bohemian Spot (Isskootsik - Before here was here)
Gensu Dean - Detour (Algorhythms)
Gensu Dean - Yeah man (Algorhythms)
Gensu Dean - Hempstead (Algorhythms)
Pete Rock - Heaven & Earth (Petestrumentals 2)
Art of Ballistics - They'll get you where you sleep (REX 84)
Mbongwana Star - Kimpala pala (From Kinshasa)
Mbongwana Star - Kala (From Kinshasa)
daWad feat. Dr. No - Dancing delight (Liste Noir #2: Darker it gets, clearer we see)
Thomas Fontana - Take over (Travel diary)
Róisín Murphy - Exploitation (Swindle remix) (Hairless toys)