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quinta-feira, dezembro 31, 2015

Sub-Zero Podcast

A partir de Janeiro de 2015, os podcasts do Sub-Zero passarão a ser disponibilizados via Mixcloud e poderão ser ouvidos em cada post com a respectiva playlist (ver em baixo).

Starting in January 2015, Sub-Zero's podcasts will be made available through Mixcloud and can be heard on each post with the respective playlist (see below).

sexta-feira, maio 22, 2015

Sub-Zero Maio: 16 @ Rádio Zero | 17 @ RUA FM

Róisín Murphy - Hairless toys (Gotta hurt) (Hairless toys)
Thomas Fontana - Lost (Travel diary)
Thomas Fontana - Night walk (Travel diary)
Submerse - Blueprints (Stay home)
Catching flies - Quiet nights
Beam up - Travelling (No chains/travelling)
DJ Enne feat. Jens Poenitsch - Allein (DJ Enne Piano mix) (Allein)
Max Cooper and Tom Hodge - Remnants (Satirist remix)
Roots Manuva - Like a drum (Facety 2:11)
Oddisee - Counter-clockwise (The good fight)
Parker Medicine - Mazimuth (Mosaic Beats remix) (Layers EP)
Art of Ballistics - Take it on faith (REX 84)
E1sbar - Du jour (Super fantasy)
J-Felix - Late night S.O.S. (Patience feat. Abi Flynn)
All Good Funk Alliance  feat. Mustafa Akbar - Do work (Varied funk)

Sub-Zero Maio: 9 @ Rádio Zero | 10 @ RUA FM

V.C. - WRX (FilosofischeStilte remix) (Black squirrel white castle)
Submerse - Gloom (Stay home)
Róisín Murphy - Uninvited guest (Hairless toys)
Róisín Murphy - Exile (Hairless toys)
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Sans vacay (A thoughtiverse unmarred)
Art of Ballistics - They'll get you where you sleep (REX 84)
Art of Ballistics - Run with the widows (REX 84)
Sunsquabi - Mob boss (Anytime EP)
Werkha - The invincible (feat. Alex Rita) (Colours of a red brick raft)
Howling - Signs (Sacred ground)
Phantoms - Voyeur (feat. Nicholas Braun)
 Holy Nothing - Mind (Hypertext)
Jaga Jazzist - Oban (Todd Terje remix) (Oban)

sábado, maio 09, 2015

Sub-Zero Maio: 2 @ Rádio Zero | 3 @ RUA FM

Buddy Sativa - Manza beat (Looking for the perfect beat vol. 3)
Kratos Himself - One two (One two)
Scrimshire - Reflection (feat. Daudi Matsiko) (Forgotten songs vol. three)
Zac Love - JazzDigginBiz (Bust free 18)
Harleighblu - Mmm feat. Dr. Zygote (Futurespective EP)
Oddisee - That's love (The good fight)
Oddisee - Counter-clockwise (The good fight)
Phantogram - K.Y.S.A. (Welcome to Los Santos)
Fitzroy North - Epidor (Cronopic)
Da Chick - Do tha clap (Chick to Chick)
Róisín Murphy - Exploitation (Swindle remix) (Hairless toys)
Thunder & Co. - Up, down, strange, charm, bottom and top (Nociceptor)
Mirror People - Look out (Voyager)
Mirror People - Foolish man (Voyager)
PZ - Neura (Mensagens da nave mãe)

Sub-Zero Abril: 25 @ Rádio Zero | 26 @ RUA FM

Bent Denim - Good nightssleep (Romances you)
WIN WIN - Been so long (Been so long)
E1sbar - Super fantasy (Super fantasy)
Manu Delago - Drum heart feat. Anil Sebastian (Copenhagen version) (Drumheart)
Hiatus Kaiyote - Atari (Choose your weapon)
Hiatus Kaiyote - The lung (Choose your weapon)
Rainy Milo - In this place (This thing of ours)
Pimps of joytime - Red golden (Jukestone paradise)
Pimps of joytime - The jump (Jukestone paradise)
Werkha - FlinchQuiver (Colours of a red brick raft)
Werkha - Border kite (Colours of a red brick raft)
Jaga Jazzist - Oban (Oban)

Sub-Zero Abril: 4 @ Rádio Zero | 5 @ RUA FM

Sub-Zero April: 4 @ Rádio Zero | 5 @ RUA FM by Noway Deejay on Mixcloud

Cyn - Something
Peter Anderson - Cokarama
Dorian Concept - Ann river (Bibio remix) (Joined ends remix EP)
Lixo - Splurger
Nadine Shah - Big hands (Fast food)
Portico - Colour fading feat. Jono Mccleery (Living fields)
Werkha - Dusk (feat. Bryony Jarman-Pinto ) (Dusk)
Werkha - Falling through the wall (Dusk)
The very best - Kanyale (Makes a king)
The very best - Maskes a king feat. Jutty Taylor (Makes a king)
Pick a piper - South to polynesia (Little people remix) (Selections from Pick a piper remixes)
SBTRKT - Relics feat. Tev'n
!!! - All u writers
Fritz Kalkbrenner - Three the hard way (Ways over water)
Sweatson Klank - I'm a fool (I'm a fool)

segunda-feira, abril 27, 2015

Sub-Zero Março: 28 @ Rádio Zero | 29 @ RUA FM

Sub-Zero March: 28 @ Rádio Zero | 29 @ RUA FM by Noway Deejay on Mixcloud

Hykuu - Song to say goodbye (Keep dreaming EP)
Pokey LaFarge - Knocking the dust off the rust be (Something in the water)
Hiatus Kaiyote - Breathing (Breathing underwater)
Maribor State - Raincoats (Rituals)
The Expansions - Mess up your mind (Aubergine's escape)
Dizz1 - Get em up feat. Frank Nitt (Danny Breaks remix) (Get em up EP)
Sweatson Klank - I'm a fool (I'm a fool)
Aligning Minds - Ether perfect (KiloWatts 'Total Blindness' remix) (My heart is remixed)
King Mono - Ointment (Bump in the night)
King Mono - Far out (Bump in the night)
Margie Joseph - The same love that made me laugh (Scrimshire edit)
Esta - Only one (Love is king)
Le Dom - Fresh out d oven