Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

segunda-feira, Novembro 03, 2014

Sub-Zero Novembro: 1 @ Rádio Zero | 2 @ RUA FM

Leaks - Could I be (Jaunt)
Leaks - Often it's you (Jaunt)
Borja - Dissolving guilt (Infinite journey)
Jonny Faith - Zheng (Zheng / Slumber)
Corona - Já não és o meu dealer (Lo-Fi hipster sheat)
Run the Jewels - Love again (Akinyele Back) feat. Gangsta Boo (Run the Jewels 2)
Run the Jewels - Oh my darling don't cry (Run the Jewels 2)
Sumochief - Gator season (Wookz remix) (Sumobeats remixed)
Garcia's grooves - Work toward that (Message in the music)
Wax Tailor - Positively inclined (Phonovisions symphonic version) (Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra)
The 1978ers (yU & Slimcat) - People of today act II (P.O.T. EP Act I, II, III)
Dorian Concept - Draft culture (Joined ends)
Deft - The night time (Blue jasmine)
Bonobo - Cirrus (The North Borders tour - live)

Sub-Zero Outubro: 25 @ Rádio Zero | 26 @ RUA FM

Young Magic - Something in the water (Roland Tings remix) (☯ )
Jacob 2-2 - Central and mountain (The rec)
DELS - Bird milk feat. BILA (Petals have fallen)
Snowday - Walk along these rocks with me (As we travel)
Kate Tempest - The truth (Circles)
BADBADNOTGOOD - Kaleidoscope (Kaytranada's flip)
David Douglas - White heat blood (Kyson remix)
The 2 Bears - Run run (The night is young)
Nunca duerma - He is gone
Lamont - Line of control
Andycode - The fog (Karman line)
Prince Fatty meets Nostalgia 77 - Skeletons dub (Medicine chest / Skeletons dub)

Sub-Zero Outubro: 18 @ Rádio Zero | 19 @ RUA FM

Night & Tickets - August morning in my city (Actually I really hate Summer)
HAIM - My song 5 (Movement version)
Lowhitey - Totally lost (Alone with my thoughts EP)
Flying Lotus - Coronus, the Terminator (You're dead!)
Alice Russell - I'm the man, that will find you (I'm the man, that will find you)
Toby Gale - 3 up (The good of the night)
4Sight - Spandrel (Dendritic)
Lost Twin - The tides (The mist)
Borealis - Love (Volume 1: Memory waves)
Mrs Jynx - Bedtime stories (Volume 1: Memory waves)
Juçara Marçal e Russo Passapusso - Cala boca menino (Goma-Laca - Afrobrasilidades em 78 RPM)
Prof - Farout (Farout)
Bonobo - Emkay (The North Borders tour - live)
Ultrademon - Try faking it (The .XVX files)
Mr. Scruff - We are coming (Max Graef remix) (We Are Coming (Max Graef Remix) b/w Feel Free (Scruff's 12" Re-Tweak))

Sub-Zero Outubro: 11 @ Rádio Zero | 12 @ RUA FM

Especial entrevista com Bruno Cardoso aka Xinobi, a propósito do novo álbum "1975" através da D.I.S.C.O.Texas

Sub-Zero Outubro: 4 @ Rádio Zero | 5 @ RUA FM

Borealis - Love (Volume 1: Memory waves)
Quantic - Pushin' on feat. Alice Russell (Situation edit) (Tru Thoughts 15th anniversary)
Harleighblu - This way (Tru Thoughts 15th anniversary)
Fashawn - Golden state of mind (instrumental produced by Exile) (Golden state of mind)
ODESZA - Say my name (feat. Zyra) (Slow Magic remix) (Say my name remixes)
Captain Planet - Cicada (Esperanto Slang)
Captain Planet - Safaru feat. Alsarah (Esperanto Slang)
Débruit & Alsarah - Alkoan Baladi (Aljawal)
Kypski - Headcrack (Wreck Fader)
Mr. Scruff - We are coming (Max Graef remix) (We Are Coming (Max Graef Remix) b/w Feel Free (Scruff's 12" Re-Tweak))
EVM128 featuring Omar - Beyond16 (Beyond revisited)
Claude - Shake your head & go! (Solid)
Teleman - Skeleton dance (Boxed in remix) (Remix EP)

domingo, Outubro 05, 2014

Sub-Zero Setembro: 27 @ Rádio Zero | 28 @ RUA FM

Leaks - Underthought (Underthought)
Memotone & Soosh - The roof walker (Memoosh)
Momotone & Soosh - The hush (Memoosh)
Flying Lotus - Coronus, the Terminator (You're dead!)
Electric Wire Hustle - Blackwater (Love can prevail)
Hurtdeer - Port Psilas Morning Shimmer (Galaxy love songs)
Moods - Flashback (DTW FB 10k compilation)
IAMNOBODI - When you know it (Stussy x Soulection compilation)
Zikomo - Champion riddim (Stussy x Soulection compilation)
The 1978ers - One-Nine-7-T-8 (People of today)
Scrimshire - Modified man (A free EP: Forgotten songs vol. two)
Secret School - Glassy (Secret School)
Secret School - No wake (Secret School)
The Bug - Fall feat. Copeland (Angels and Devils)
The Bug - Void feat. Liz Harris (Angels and Devils)