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terça-feira, março 28, 2006

Playlist 26 Março

Nightmares on wax – Flip ya lid (In a space outta sound)
Alif Tree – Forgotten places (French cuisine)
Oneself – Be your own (Children of possibility)
Urbs – Tu moi aussi? (Toujours le même film)
Urbs – The incident (Toujours le même film)
Massive Attack – Live with me (Collected)
Nuyorcan soul – I am the black gold of the sun (4Hero remix) (4Hero - The remix album)
Micatone – Out of the game (Nomad songs)
Sygaire – Got to be there (Sonar Kollektiv 4)
Quantic Soul Orchestra – Get a move on (Pushin’ on)

Destaque J.B.sPass the peas
Blow your head
If You Don't Get It The First time backup and start again
Same beat (part 1)

Blockhead – Dough nation (Downtown science)
RJD2 – Work (Dead Ringer)
Handsome boy modelling school – The truth (feat. Roisin Murphy) (So…how’s your girl?)

Destaque Gaudi Bass sweat and tears
Dub it
Ayahuasca deep fall
Ci fice lu mundu
Groove Armada – Pre 63 (Akasha’s Post modern mix) (The remixes)
Coldcut – Just for the kick (Sound mirrors)
I-Wolf – A modern life feat. Atta & M’cinok (I-Wolf and burdy meet the Babylonians)
AD – Saque ao motel (AD remix CDD) (City of god remixed)
Sam Pull – My cat is invinceble (Looper edit)

segunda-feira, março 20, 2006

Playlist 19 Março

Estreias esta semana no Sub-Zero:
- Alif Tree - French cuisine
- Skalpel - Konfusion
- Urbs – Toujours le même film
- Massive Attack - "Live with me", o novo single a incluir no próximo best of "Collected"
- VersionXcursion - Radio
- Venetian snares – Rossz Csillag Alatt Szueletett
- Flaming Lips – At war with the mystics
- Four Tet – Everything ecstatic

Alice Russel – I’m just here (My favourite letters)
Sofa Surfers – Never go back (Sofa surfers)
Steve Spacek – The Hills (Space shift)
Coldcut – Walk a mile in my shoes (feat. Robert Owens) (Sound Mirrors)

Alif Tree – French cuisine
L’amor nunca muere
Forgotten places

Skalpel – Test drive (Konfusion)
Wax Poetic – Deamin’ (The sex, the city, the music – Istanbul)

Urbs – Toujours le même film
Tu moi aussi?
The incident
The lord’s dub

Massive Attack – Live with me (Collected)
Nightmares on wax – Flip ya lid (In a space outta sound)

VersionXcursion - Radio
Boom boom (feat. Katie Murphy)
Dub inspired (feat. Rich Brown)

Oneself – Blue bird (Children of Possibility)
Roisin Murphy – If we’re in love (Ruby Blue)
Apsci – See that feat. Mr. Lif (Thanks for asking)
Jazzanova – The one-tet (DJ DSL remix) (Jazzanova remixed)
Flaming Lips – Free radicals (At war with the mystics)
Venetian snares – Oengyilkos vasarnap (Rossz Csillag Alatt Szueletett)
Mirways – Disco science (Production)
Mirways – I can’t wait (Production)

Four Tet – Everything ecstatic
A joy
Sun, drums and soil

segunda-feira, março 13, 2006

Playlist 12 Março

O Sub-Zero continua a revelar o novo álbum do projecto Nightmares on Wax - In a Space Outta Sound.

Spaceboys – Dizzy Odyssey (Sonic Fiction)
Joshua– Come On (Rae & Christian - Anotherlatenight)
Nightmares on wax – Flip ya lid (In A Space Outta Sound)
Nightmares on wax – The sweetest (In A Space Outta Sound)
Fat Freddy’s drop – Ray ray (Based on a true story)
Fat Freddy’s drop – Wandering eye (Based on a true story)
Audio Bullys – This road (Generation)
Bathysphere - Where's Vicky? (Quantic Mix) (Quantic – One offs remixes and b-sides)
Dynamoe - In Your Own Time (Quantic Mix) (Quantic – One offs remixes and b-sides)
Bullet – Ballistic studies (The lost tapes)
Capoeira Twins – Manuela (Reansville Heights)
Capoeira Twins – Vanish (Reansville Heights)
Colder – To the music (Heat)
Rodney Hunter – Let your soul guide your heart (Hunter files)
Tosca – The big sleep (J.A.C.)
I-Wolf – Urban gipsy feat. G.Rizo and Karandila (I-Wolf and Burdy meet the Babylonians)
Boozoo Bajou – S.I.P. (Dust my broom)
Micatone – Nomad (Nomad songs)
Ursula Rucker – Humbled (Ma’at Mama)
Ursula Rucker – Uh uh (Ma’at Mama)
Coldcut – Mr. Nichols (feat. Saul Williams) (Sound Mirrors)

quinta-feira, março 09, 2006

Urban Point DJs - Funky beats com NoWay DJ

No próximo dia 9 Março, na Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicos em Faro:

Urban Point DJs presents Funky Beats with

***NoWay DJ***

"It's time to shake, break, and bounce!!!"

Powered by Sub-Zero

O meu especial agradecimento ao b.Magalhães pelo magnífico trabalho gráfico.

segunda-feira, março 06, 2006

Playlist 5 Março

Destaques da semana:

Capoeira Twins "Reansville Heights" da dupla Tim Hancock e Ian Stratford, ligados à editora Tru-thoughts. Um disco de 2003 que valea pena (re)descobrir.
Também levantámos um pouco do véu relativamente ao novo "In A Space Outta Sound", do projecto do produtor/DJ George Evelyn - Nightmares on Wax.


Rekid – Tranzit (Microsolutions #1)
Rolling Stones – Rain Fall down (Ashley Beedle’s heavy disco vocal re-edit) (Rain Fall Down The remixes)
Tiga – Far from home (Sexor)
Tranquility bass – Cantamilla (Latenighttales)
Nightmares on wax – Brothers on the side Dub (Latenighttales)
Nightmares on wax – Flip ya lid (In A Space Outta Sound)
Georg Levin – Inside (Rima RMX) (Sonar Kollektiv 4)
Future Loop Organization – What’s your name (Quantic mix) (Quantic – One offs remixes and b-sides)
Rosie Brown – Bliss (Quantic Mix)

Destaque: Capoeira Twins Reansville Heights (Audiopharm - 2003)
Flick the switch
Four (4x3)

DJ /Rupture – Lonesome side (feat. Lily) (Special Gunpowder)
Thievery Corporation – Revolution Solution feat. Perry Farrell (The Cosmic Game)
Leftfield – Original (Leftism)
Soel – Shining pain (Ludovic Navarre a.k.a. St. Germain presents Soel – Memento)
EZ Rollers – Nightfall (Weekend world)
The Wiseguys – The executives (The Antidote)
Stereo MCs – Graffiti part one (Deep down and dirty)
Up, Bustle & Out – Emerald Alley (Light’em up, blow!)
Coldcut – Man in a garage (feat. John Matthius) (Sound Mirrors)
Coldcut – Mr. Nichols (feat. Saul Williams) (Sound Mirrors)
Sam Pull – My cat is invincible (Yellow Bop Records)