Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

quinta-feira, abril 28, 2005

Playlist 24 Abril

Fiona Apple – The way things are (When the Pawn)
Depeche Mode – Useless (remix) (K&D Sessions)
Ilya – Heavenly (They died for beauty)
Lamb – Gorecky (Debut Album)
Smoke City – With you (Flying away)
Bliss – Breathe (Quiet Letters)
Cool Hipnoise - Flor de Lua (Wet Moon Version) (Amália Revisited)
Sade – Lover’s Rock (Lover’s Rock)
Massive attack – A prayer for England (100th Window)
1-UIK Project – Em nome do Pai (Strategies and Survival)
Soel – The earth mother (Ludovic Navarre aka St. Germain presents Soel – Memento)
Madredeus – Haja o que houver (Lux Mix) (Electrónico)
Zero 7 – When it Falls (When it Falls)
Thievery Corporation – Le Monde (The Mirror Conspiracy)
Nitin Sawhney – Sunset (Prophesy)
Koop – Tonight (Single Summersun)
Micatone – Quiet boy (Is you is)
Air – You make it easy (Moon Safari)
Hipnotica – Soul rise (Reconcilliation)
Mourah – Moonlit (From one human being to another)
FC Kahuna – Hayling (Machine says yes)
Grant Lee Phillips – Racing away (1 Giant Leap)
Gus Gus – Why (Polydistortion)
Chemical Brothers – Close your eyes (Feat. The Magic Numbers) (Push the Button)

quinta-feira, abril 21, 2005

Playlist 17 Abril

Destaques da semana: apresentamos os novos álbuns de Abe Duque e dos Brazilian Girls, e também temas disponíveis no site da Compost records.

Soulwax – NY Excuse (Any minute now)
Magnus – Soft Foot Shuffle (The Body gave you everything)
The faint – Paranoiattack (Wet from birth)
Fatboy Slim – Wonderful Night (feat. Lateef) (Pallokavile)
Groove Armada – Groove is On (Lovebox)
Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Discovery)
Lcd soundsystem – Tribulations (LCD Soundsystem)
Abe Duque – Love to ya (So underground it hurts)
Micro Audio Waves – Fully Connected (No Waves)
Radiohead – Idioteque (Kid A)
FC Kahuna – Machine says yes (Machine says yes)
Funami – Happy dog (Funami)
Alex Gopher – With U (You my baby and I)
Solid State – Pure Funk (From us to you) (DJ Patife Cool Steps Drum n’ bass Grooves)
Mourah – Heavylightness (From one human being to another)
The Funkylowlives – NotaBossa (Batucada)
Brazilian Girls – Me gustas quando callas (Brazilian Girls)

Destaque Compost Records:

General Electrics - Take You Out Tonight (w/ Lateef The Truth Speaker) (Cliquety Kliqk) 2004
Koop - Waltz For Koop (DJ Patife Remix) (Waltz For Koop - Alternative Takes) 2003
Majbour – Addio a Cheyenne (Ennio Morricone Remixes - Vol.1) bandas sonoras
Intuit - Criança Das Ondas feat. Flora Purim & Airto Moreira - Radio Edit (Intuit) 2004
Minus 8 – At the beach (Minuit) 2002

The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Something that’s real (Stampede)
Greyboy w/ Quantic feat. Sharon Jones - Got to be love (Paul Nice remix)
Martina Topley-Bird – Soul food (Quixotic)

quarta-feira, abril 13, 2005

Playlist 10 Abril

Death in Vegas – Hands around my throat (Scorpio Rising)
Nicorette – Nana (Eternal Premiére)
FC Kahuna – Hayling (Machine says yes)
Mylo – Emotion 98.6 (Destroy Rock n’ Roll)
Bent – Beautiful otherness (The everlasting blink)
Adriana Partimpim – Lição de Baião (Adriana Partimpim)
Quincy Jones – Soul Bossa Nova (Soul Bossa Nova)
Nicola Conte – Missione a Bombay (Eddie and Dus vs Jazzelectro Mix) (Jet sounds revisited)
Nitin Sawhney – Fragile Wind (Human)
Moby – Temptation (Hotel)
Hooverphonic – The Magnificent Tree (The Magnificent Tree)
Loopless – Pink Blue Hotel (Loopless)
King Kooba – Space Jam parts 1 & 2 (NuFoundFunk)
Tosca – Wonderful (Feat. Earl Zinger) (Dehli 9)
A Guy Called Gerald – Humanity (Feat. Louise Rhodes) (Humanity)
Bebel Gilberto – August Day Song (Tanto Tempo)
Sade – Somebody already broke my heart (Lover’s Rock)
Jimpster – State of Mind (Domestic Science)
Joss Stone – Fell in love with a boy (The Soul Sessions)
Cortex - La Rue (Late Night Tales by Nightmares on Wax)
Jolly Mukherjee with the Madras Cinematic Orchestra – Kirwani (Asia Lounge)
Micatone – Step into the Gallery (Ninesongs)

quarta-feira, abril 06, 2005

Playlist 3 Abril

Destaque da semana: a presença em estúdio de Elísio Donas, ex-Ornatos Violeta, actual Grace, que nos apresentou interessantes sugestões sonoras.

UNKLE – Rabbit in your headlights (Psyence Fiction)
Moloko – The ID (I am not a doctor)
Lamb – B-line (Fear of fours)
Lamb – B-line (versão ao vivo)
Zero 7 – Likufanele (Simple Things)
Eels – Novocaine fot the soul (remix) (Novocaine for the soul)
Fila Brazillia – The Speewah (Power Clown)
Amon Tobim – Sordid (Funkungfusion)
Poets of thoughts – Samba with J.C. (LTJ Bukem Earth Volume 1)
Micro Audio Waves – Fully Connected (No Waves)
Kaada – Care (Thank you for giving me your valuable time)
Mr. Scruff – Get a move on (Keep it unreal)
Moneymark – Push the Button (Push the button)
Streetlife originals – The assassin act 1 (Sidewalk stories)
Propellerheads – Crash (Extended play)
Soul coughing – Super bon bon (Irresistible bliss)
Mr. Bungle – Golem II: the bionic vapour boy (California)
Nine Inch Nails – Into the void (The Fragile)
Cujo – The brazillianair (Adventures in foam)

Playlist 27 Março

Destaque da semana: O novo álbum de Moby - "Hotel"

Dimitri from paris - Par un chemin different (Sacrebleu)
Royksopp – Sparks (Melody A.M.)
Bullet - Killing You Softy (Feat. Lili) (Torch songs for secret agents)
Air – La femme d’argent (Moon Safari)
Brainticket – Places of light (Chicken lips DJ Kicks)
Moloko - The Flipside (I am not a doctor)
Beck – Tropicalia (Mutations)
Mylo – Sunworshiper (Destroy Rock n’ Roll)
Mylo – Need you tonite (Destroy Rock n’ Roll)
Azure Ray – These Lights will bend to make blue (Hold on Love)

Destaque – “Hotel” de Moby:
Dream about me
I like it

Mesa – Tinta invisível (Mesa)
Fernanda Porto - Vilarejo Íntimo (Fernanda Porto)
A naifa - Os milagres acontecem (Canções subterrâneas)
Bjork - Who is it (Medulla)
U.N.K.L.E. – Invasion (Never never land)
Gus Gus – Barry (Polydistortion)
Thievery Corporation – Marching the hate machines (into the sun) feat. The Flaming Lips (The Cosmic Game)
Thievery Corporation – Satyam Shivam Sundaram feat. Gunjan (The Cosmic Game)
Zero7 – Passing by (When it falls)
Télépopmusik - Love can damage your health (Genetic World)
Bandex – American Flag (Bandex)
Gotan project - Una musica brutal (Music Planet 2nite)
Wise guys - The bounce (The antidote)
Múm - The ghosts you draw on my back (Summer make good)
Ilya – Heavenly (They died for beauty)
Funami – Break my fall (Funami)