Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

quinta-feira, julho 10, 2014

Sub-Zero Julho: 5 @ Rádio Zero | 6 @ RUA FM

Pixelord - Polygon fane (Polygon fane)
Amabis - Trabalhos carnívoros
Kelis - Friday fish fry (Maribou State & Pedestrian remix - extended dub) (Friday fish fry)
Kelis - Friday fish fry (Darq E Freaker remix) (Friday fish fry)
Souls of Mischief (produced by Adrian Younge) - There is only now feat. Snoop Dogg (There is only now)
Slow Club - Tears of joy (Complete surrender)
Slow Club - Complete surrender (Complete surrender)
Miles Tackett - Come away (The fool who wonders)
The Helen Hollins Singers - Consolation (Nicolas Jaar edit)
Mr. Bird feat. Greg Blackman - Over again (Low-fi classics)
Mr. Bird feat. Greg Blackman - Since you've been gone (Low-fi classics)
Mr. Bird feat. Greg Blackman - On the dancefloor (Low-fi classics)
Toussaint Morrison - A second devil (Edo)
Toussaint Morrison - Hailey says you're out (Edo)

Sub-Zero Junho: 21 @ Rádio Zero | 22 @ RUA FM

Greg gives Peter space - The feeling shaker (Greg gives Peter space)
Greg gives Peter space - A clear view (Greg gives Peter space)
Luka - Lowdown (The nest EP)
Ariel Pink & Dâm-Funk - Baby (Baby)
Hanssen - Everyday with Rachel (Seven years week)
Hartley & Wolfe - Room to breathe (BBE Spring 2014 compilation mixed by Bara Bröst)
Hal Bradbury - Babe I want you (BBE Spring 2014 compilation mixed by Bara Bröst)
Manhattan Transfer - Night in Tunisia (Scrimshire remix) (Scrimshire edits)
Meridian Brothers - De mi caballo, como su carne) (Salvadora robot)
Jim-E Stack - Reassuring (Tell me I belong)
Henri-Pierre Noel - Diskette (The Reflex revision) (Wah Wah fifty)
Martyn - Love of pleasure (The air between words)
Werkha - Tempo tempo (Shapes:Rectangles)
Ultrademon - Step into liquid (Wayback mix) (Voidic charms)

Sub-Zero Junho: 14 @ Rádio Zero | 15 @ RUA FM

L'Orange - Need you (instrumental) (The orchid days)
Zara McFarlane - Move (Atjazz remix) (Move)
Swollen Members - Blood sport (Brand new day)
Fono - Rise and shine (Fono one)
Tom Vek - Ton of bricks (Luck)
Tom Vek - Pushing your luck (Luck)
Lone - Restless city (Reality testing)
Lone - Jaded (Reality testing)
Julian & der Fux - Unglaublich (MOTSA remix)
Moullinex - Time and tide (Love magnetic)
Little People - Aldgate patterns (Marley Carroll remix) (We are but hunks of wood remixes)
Mi - For givers (Doubting Thomas Harp remix) (Westerns)

Sub-Zero Junho: 7 @ Rádio Zero | 8 @ RUA FM

Hollie Cook - 99 (Twice)
Cvd - Jungle Cahandy (Surgical Goldsmith)
Roger Robinson - Nicola's song (Nicola's song / Dream keepa)
Electric Wire Hustle - Bottom line (If these are the last days)
Called Understandable Souls - Could not find you (Waveform)
Zen¡th - Love (Midnight club)
Zen¡th - Quiet storm (Midnight club)
Souleance - Mais um (Brotha EP)
Anubi - Tai (Dog bless ya)
Angkanang Kunchai - Teoy Salap Pamaa (The Sound Of Siam, Vol. 2 - Molam & Luk Thung Isan From North-East Thailand 1970 - 1982)
K'Bonus - Come on (Never say never EP)
Noelle Scags - Cherry Pie (The do-over)
Henri-Pierre Noel - Diskette (The Reflex revision) (Wah Wah fifty)
Treasure - Joyous (Kon remix) (Gold Finger)