Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

terça-feira, janeiro 25, 2011

Sub-Zero 19 Dezembro @ RUA FM / 25 Dezembro @ Kitschnet

UNKLE - Set no sun (Lives of the artists: follow me down soundtrack)
Stateless - I shall not complain (Matilda)
Miles Bonny X The Ins - J Birly (Label love vol.2)
Jono Mcleery - Tomorrow (Label love vol. 2)
Awolnation - Guilty filthy soul (feat. Wale) (Sam Ronson remix)
Smerins Anti-Social Club - Dr. Who (Shapes 10:02)
Blunt instrument - Get up stand up (Dubstep mix)
Tokimonsta - Park walks (LA series 8)
Negghead - Pointless pressure feat. Woolfy & JD73 (Being / Pointless pressure)
Wildcookie - Heroine (Cookie dough)
Paul White - Goes to Hollywood (And Nico/Goes to Hollywood)
Botany - Agave (Feeling today)
Egyptrixx - Chrysalis Records (feat. Trust) (Bible eyes)
Sliptone - Sugar (Funkagent1)
Little Dragon - My step (Machine dreams)
Little Dragon - Runabout (Machine dreams)
Shit Robot - Losing my patients (From the cradle to the rave)
Balla + Modern Children + ST - 6830 milhas (T(h)ree)
Dave.i.d. - Marvel (Gangs)
French Miami - Older (Motor skills)
Thelma & Clyde - Hibernation (White line)
DJ Hell - U can dance (feat. Bryan Ferry) (Peter Kruder edit) (U can dance)
Midnight magic - Beam me up (Jacques Renault remix) (Beam me up 12")
Gorillaz - Glitter freeze (Plastc Beach)
BM Linx - Pitch black room (Superpolished EP)
Freeland - Under control (Under control remixes)

Sub-Zero: 12 Dezembro @ RUA FM / 18 Dezembro @ Kitschnet

Ex-Friendly - Simply bootieful (Budabeats)
Mndsgn. - Flybutter feat. Michael Jackson (Flybutttaaaaaaaaaaaaa)
Wildcookie - Heroine (Cookie Dough)
Kabanjak - The man who spoke flames (Tree of mystery)
DELS - Trumpalump (Joe Goddard remix feat. Ghostpoet) (Trumpalump EP)
Gorillaz - superfast jelyfish (Plastic beach)
Negghead - Pointless pressure (feat. Woolfy & JD73) (Being / Pointless pressure)
Orgone - Give it up (Cali Fever)
Aloe Blacc - Hey brother (Good things)
Aloe Blacc - Miss fortune (Good things)
Isaac Aesili - With you in my bed (feat. Aaradhna) (Eye see)
Isaac Aesili - Freedomcry (feat. Mara TK) (Eye see)
Hidden Orchestra - Tired and awake (Night walks)
Orelha Negra - A cura (Orelha Negra)
dZihan & Kamien - Terrorist (Lost & Found)
Chilly Gonzales - Smothered mate (Ivory tower)
Aufgang - Channel 7 (Aufgang)
Flying Lotus - ...And the world laughs with you (feat. Thom Yorke) (Cosmogramma)
Flying Lotus - MmmHmm (feat. Thundercat) (Cosmogramma)
Apparat - Sayulita (Sayulita EP)
Magnetic Man - The bug (Magnetic Man)
Kele - Yesterday's gone (The boxer)
Little Dragon - Blinking pigs (Blinking pigs EP)
Balla - Ao Deus-dará (Equilíbrio)