Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

quinta-feira, agosto 22, 2013

Sub-Zero Agosto: 10 @ Rádio Zero | 11 @ RUA FM

DJ Buttamilk - LV-561
Superhumanoids - Bad weather (Tropics remix) (Bad weather remixes)
Ernest Gonzales and Diego Bernal - Thirteen gold coins (nicodxmvs remix) (Atonement)
Roots Manuva - Stolen youth (Stolen youth)
Raffertie - Touching (Sleep of reason)
Raffertie - Back of the line (Sleep of the reason)
SNS - Slow motion (The hangover II)
Bunty Beats & Chox Mak - Son shine (Son shine)
Ghosttown meets Parly B - Every manor (Every manor)
David Starfire feat. DVine1, Henry Strange and Sheila Govindarajan - Indian summer
Devendra Banhart - Golden girls (Moullinex edit)
Otto Normal - Otto normal (Denny Denny remix) (Otto Normal im Club)
Prism House - Someone save me (Albert Swarm remix)
Rjd2 - Her majesty's socialist request (More is than isn't)
Overthink - Kaleidoscope summer (Legacy)

Sub-Zero Agosto: 3 @ Rádio Zero | 4 @ RUA FM

The Range - My db limit (We didn't think we'd make it this far)
Jessie Ware - Night light (Deep Shoq rmx) (Remixes vol. 1)
Lost Midas - Love undone (feat. Taylor O'Donnell) (Memory flux)
Madchild - It gets better (Lawn mower man)
Valerie June - Workin' woman blues (Pushin' against a stone)
Okapii - Gattu (Rewolmer remix)
Austra - Home (Olympia)
Hint - Aliens enter feat. T-Fly (Hint remix) (Shapes: Circles)
Gramatik - Talkbox intended (DEF CON 21: The official soundtrack)
BLEO - The carterfone decision (DEF CON 21: The official soundtrack)
Zackey Force Funk - Nite Flite (prod. Mute Speaker) (Atlantics vol. 2)
Dane Chadwick - Quicken (Atlantics vol. 2)
Souleance - BBQ & Pimms (Two syllables volume nine)
Sylvers - Handle it (Scrimshire edit) (Scrimshire edits)
Pro-Arte - Jedna Mala Plava (Scrimshire UKgo edit) (Scrimshire edits)

domingo, agosto 04, 2013

Sub-Zero Julho: 20 @ Rádio Zero | 21 @ RUA FM

Kyson - Missing things (The water's way)
T. Hardy Morris - OK Corral (Audition tapes)
Dexter - You & I (The trip)
B3NBi - Family (Upholding laws)
Stay Classy - They call him Mr. Laws (Upholding laws)
Fortune Howl - Vision quest (Earthbound)
Saneyes - What is in your heart? (Between two worlds)
Uptown XO - Finding my way (Colour de Grey)
Bunty Beats & Chox Mak - Take over (instrumental) (Take over)
Quantic Y Anita Tijoux - Doo wop (That thing) (Doo wop (That thing))
Youngblood Brass Band - E la e (Ain't nobody)
Rainbow Arabia - Math quiz (Kid 606 remix)
Opti - Need (Need and hostility)
Baunz - Cinderella curfew
Omegaman - El O'man boogaloo (All Good Funk Alliance remix)

Sub-Zero Julho: 13 @ Rádio Zero | 14 @ RUA FM

Cocorosie - Tears for animals (Tales of a grasswidow)
Frameworks - Vanish (Vanish E.P.)
Ta-ku - I miss you (Songs to break up to)
Moods - Reflections (Another point of view)
Manzu & King Brut - Blunaut (Tales of the snails)
Pretty Lights - Yellow bird (A color map of the sun)
Pretty Lights - My only hope (A color map of the sun)
Turtle Master - Elephant
Jake Scarbrough - Radar junkie (Antics)
Ulrich Schnauss - I take comfort in your ignorance (Tycho remix) (A long way to fall)
Skeewiff - Phase 17 (Tales from the dark side)
Four Tet - Pinnacles (Pink)

Sub-Zero Julho: 6 @ Rádio Zero | 7 @ RUA FM

Placeholder - Theoretical love (Under EP)
Hanami - Fruition (Finest ego: Faces vol. 5)
Dolphin - Inspiration (Inspiration)
Kromestar - X files (Rhythm on my mind / X files)
Congo Natty - Revolution feat. Nanci Correia, Phoebe "Iron Dread" Hibbert, Ras Buggsy (Jungle Revolution)
Fat Freddy's Drop - Clean the house (Blackbird)
Fat Freddy's Drop - Silver & gold (Blackbird)
Quantic and Alice Russell with the Combo Bárbaro - Here again (I'd cry / Here again)
Peven Everett - Baby mama with sense (King of hearts)
Brian Irving - Love and compassion (Radiant things)
Booker T. Jones - Sound the alarm feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Sound the alarm)
Quadratic - Mother (Between the cracks)
Comfort Fit - Bermuda (Worlds falling apart)

Sub-Zero Junho: 29 @ Rádio Zero | 30 @ RUA FM

Mike James Kirkland - There's nothing I can do about it (Don't sell your soul)
Lakim - Mountain high (Soulection Freebie #41)
Brian Irving - Love and compassion (Radiant things)
Brian Irving - American dream (Radiant things)
The James Hunter Six - Heartbreak (The James Hunter Six)
The James Hunter Six - So they say (The James Hunter Six)
Kratos Himself - Lucid (A town called imaginarium)
Lily - Machine dreams (Trumpets at dawn / Machine dreams)
Comfort Fit - Bermuda (Worlds falling apart)
Comfort Fit - Nitro (Worlds falling apart)
Munk - Nigerian jam (Dirty glam jams)
Congo Natty - Jah warriors (Jah warriors)
Items - Oblique waves

Sub-Zero Junho: 22 @ Rádio Zero | 23 @ RUA FM

Dolphin - Inspiration (Inspiration)
Jose Bee - BEAT 1 (HVW8CR8)
Jose Bee - BEAT 5 (HVW8CR8)
Grinny Grandad - Monty (The car-bootleg EP)
Liston - Seven (Selected cuts)
Wise Blood - Universe is blessed (Id)
Booker T. Jones - Sound the alarm feat. Mayer Hawthorne (Sound the alarm)
Booker T. Jones - 66 Impala feat. Poncho Sanchez and Sheila E. (Sound the alarm)
Columbia Nights - All in (All in)
Harleighblu - Play me (Play me)
Dessa - Warsaw (Parts of speech)
Stik Figa - Party people (high) (Let you tell it EP)
Navid Izadi - Hard to find (instrumental) (Feelin' Purple)
Quadratic - Mother (Between the cracks)