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segunda-feira, julho 28, 2008

Sub-Zero 27 Julho

Destaque da semana: Hot 8 Brass Band Remixes


Torpedo boyz – The next station is Shibuya (Cum on feel the boyz)
Guy Boratto – Beautiful life (estudo – work in progress version)
Róisín Murphy – Overpowered (Overpowered)
Marbert Rocel – Cornflake boy (Solomun vocal remix) (Cornflake boy remix EP)
Forss – Using splashes (Sonar Kollektiv – ten years – who cares?)
Cornelius – Fit song (Sensuos)
Hint – Afro love forest (feat. Kinny) (Driven from distraction)
Milez Benjiman – Feel glorious (Feel glorious)
Steve Spacek – 3hrs of fun (Space Shift)
Munk – Bohemian mud strut (Cloudbuster)
Munk – The knight of Heliopolis (Cloudbuster)
Karuan – Reflections of a poem (feat. Odditeee) (Pop Arif)
Sam Sparro – Black and gold (Black and gold)
Stereo MCs – The here & now (Double bubble)
Hot Chip – Hold on (Made in the dark)
Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators – Holding on (Afronaut remix) (Keep reachin’ up remixed)

Destaque Hot 8 Brass Band Remixes

It’s real (Lack of Afro remix)
Get up (Diesler remix)
Sexual healing Club edit

The Herbaliser – Can’t help this feeling feat. Jessica Darling) (Same as it never was)
LB – Superbad (Funkfever)
Jamie Lidell – Figured me out (LA Garage mix)
Joe Lee – Bottom of the bag (Hot, funky and sweaty)
Ed Royal & DJ Enne – Rock the beat
Czak Recordings – Sao clash (Sprit touch)

segunda-feira, julho 21, 2008

Sub-Zero 20 Julho

Sigur Rós – Inní mér syngur vitleysingur (Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust)
Aaron Jerome – Reason to (feat. Kathrin deBoer) (Time to rearrange)
Lizzy Parks – Raise the roof (Raise the roof Single)
The Bahama Soul Club – But rich rhythms (Rhythm is what makes jazz jazz)
Brainticket – Places of light (DJ Kicks: Chicken Lips)
Balla – Saltei de mim (versão piano, voz, scratch) (Resumo 2000/2008)
Roisin Murphy – Primitive (Overpowered)
Robert Owens – Now I know (Night-time stories)
Goldfrapp – Little bird (Seventh Tree)
Ursula Rucker – For women (Ma’at mama)
Karuan – Shaking up the past (Pop Arif)
Gelka – Angry eyes (Less is more)
Rapscallion – Afropick (Nightmares on Wax presents Wax On Records)
Pharoah Roche – Drifting away
Eddy meets Yannah – Solid ground (Crazy P Remix) (Solid Ground 10”)
Admon – Drought in the dust (4am Life)
Voom Voom – Baby (Peng Peng)
Cut Copy – Lights & music (Boys Noize remix) (Lights & music Single)
Munk – Portofino mosh (Aperitivo)
Les Voleurs – Cry baby (A Slice of paradise Vol.1)
Geriba – Sunday groove (Sunday groove 12")
Saravah Soul – Arroz com feijão (Saravah Soul)
Hint – Keep your shirt on (feat. Laura Vane) (Driven from distraction)
Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno – Death of the revolution (Death of the revolution Single)

segunda-feira, julho 14, 2008

Sub-Zero 13 Julho

Destaques da semana:
-> A Slice of Paradise Vol.1
-> Gelka – Less is more, 2º álbum da editora Wax On Records
-> As mais recentes novidades da Tru-thoughts
-> Últimos lançamentos da Innvision Records


J-Live – One to 31 (Then what happened)
The Herbaliser – On your knees (feat. Jessica Darling) (Same as it never was)

A Slice of Paradise Vol.1

David Walters – Mesi bon due (Biggabush Dub Version)
Les voleurs – Cry baby
Paul Murphy – Jazz room (Spiritual South mix)
Shur I Kan – Half step
Zygo – Disco Sky
.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-:

Plantlife – Sumthin about her (Time traveller)

GelkaLess is more

Eau rouge PT. 1
The last tree

Hint – Keep your shirt on (feat. Laura Vane) (Driven from distraction)
Hint – Got a pulse (Driven from distraction)

Novidades Tru-thoughts

Lizzy Parks – Raise the roof (Raise the roof Single)
Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno – Death Of The Revolution (Death Of The Revolution Single)

Frohlocker – Seldanz (Dunkelgold)

Destaque Innvision Records
Alien Entertainment – Get crazy (Badboe remix)
Cadillac Jones – B’nai Brown remixed by Ed Royal & Enne
DJ Enne – Road to Gambara
Ed Royal & Enne – Hey, brothers!

Asiko Rock Group – Lagos city (Nigeria Disco Funk Special – The sound of the underground Lagos dancefloor 1974-1979)
Spengler – Good things (Saint-Germain des-Prés Café v.9)
Milez Benjiman - Chop that wood (Feel glorious)
Marbert Rocel - Cornflake boy (Solomun vocal remix) (Cornflake boy remix EP)

Sub-Zero 6 Julho

Destaques da semana:
-> HintDriven from distraction
-> Novidades da Compost Records


The Herbaliser – Same as it never was (Same as it never was)
Jamie Lidell – Another day (JIM)
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – 100 days, 100 nights (100 days, 100 nights)
Mantecao y su Combo Gitano – Achilifunk (Blackbeard re-edit) (Achilifunk remixed)

HintDriven from distraction

Afro love forest feat. Kinny
Got a pulse

Joash – Salome (Future sounds of jazz vol. 11)
Moodymann – Technology stole my vinyle (Technology stole my vinyle Single)
Map of Africa – Bone (Map of Africa)
Mr. Scruff – Midnight Feast (Keep it unreal)
HF – Cos (Keep the face)
J-Live – One to 31 (Then what happened?)
Guts – Ricky, Ricky, Ricky! (Take a look around you Single)
The Soulsavers – Revolution Song (Closer EP)
Wax Taylor – The tune (Hope and sorrow)
DJ Shadow – Erase you (feat. Chris James) (The Outsider)

Novidades da Compost Records

Marbert Rocel – Cornflake boy (Solomun vocal remix) (Cornflake boy remixes EP)
Eddy meets Yannah – Solid Ground (Crazy P remix)

Smoove feat. The Bukky Leo Quintet & Darren Grainger – Rejoice in righteousness (Smoove’s nu jazz remix) (Saint-Germain des-prés-café v.9)
Rodney Hunter – Huntermatic feat. Shadee (Hunterville)
Stereo MC’s – Gringo (Ragged and Ruthless) (Double bubble)

segunda-feira, julho 07, 2008

NoWay DJ - Próximos eventos

11 Julho - Beach Beats Party @ Sui Generis (praia de Faro) com DJ Sir Aiva

26 Julho - Sub-Zero live session @ Artistas