Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

domingo, outubro 05, 2014

Sub-Zero Setembro: 27 @ Rádio Zero | 28 @ RUA FM

Leaks - Underthought (Underthought)
Memotone & Soosh - The roof walker (Memoosh)
Momotone & Soosh - The hush (Memoosh)
Flying Lotus - Coronus, the Terminator (You're dead!)
Electric Wire Hustle - Blackwater (Love can prevail)
Hurtdeer - Port Psilas Morning Shimmer (Galaxy love songs)
Moods - Flashback (DTW FB 10k compilation)
IAMNOBODI - When you know it (Stussy x Soulection compilation)
Zikomo - Champion riddim (Stussy x Soulection compilation)
The 1978ers - One-Nine-7-T-8 (People of today)
Scrimshire - Modified man (A free EP: Forgotten songs vol. two)
Secret School - Glassy (Secret School)
Secret School - No wake (Secret School)
The Bug - Fall feat. Copeland (Angels and Devils)
The Bug - Void feat. Liz Harris (Angels and Devils)

Sub-Zero Setembro: 20 @ Rádio Zero | 21 @ RUA FM

Soul Clap feat. Robert Owens - Misty (David Marston remix)
Scrimshire - Driftwood (A free EP: forgotten songs vol. two)
Scrimshire - 7th tide (A free EP: forgotten songs vol. two)
Flying Lotus - Coronus, the terminator (You're dead!)
Kratos Himself - Razor leaves (Razor leaves)
Kratos Himself - Razor leaves (Walrii remix) (Razor leaves)
Wax Tailor - Que sera (Phonovisions symphonic version) (Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra)
Steve Arrington - Weak at the knees (Way out 80-84)
Steve Arrington - Crazy about you (Way out 80-84)
The/Das - My made up spook (Freezer)
The/Das - Miami waters (Freezer)
The NCY Milky Band - Lynx jam (AJ remix) (Holidays)
George the Poet - 1, 2, 1, 2
Khun Narin - Lam phu thai (Khun Narin)

Sub-Zero Setembro: 13 @ Rádio Zero | 14 @ RUA FM

BBE Spring 2014 compilation mixed by Bara Bröst

Sub-Zero Setembro: 6 @ Rádio Zero | 7 @ RUA FM

FADER Mix: Sinkane

Ralph MacDonald - Calypso Path (Softrio Edit)
Daphni - Pairs
Bappi Lahiri & Salma Agha - Jeena Bhi Kya Hai Jeena
The Dells - No Way Back (Ron Hardy Edit)
Magic Bird of Fire (Fireurd Suite) [Water Gibbons Madness Mix]
Kikrokos - Life’s A Jungle (Ron Hardy Edit)
Moodymann - Come 2 Me
Disco La Calle (Nick The Record Edit)
Cerrone - Love in C Minor
Let No Man Put Asunder (Ron Hardy re-edit)
Bok Bok & Tom Trago - ‘Lil Ma Bonus Bea
Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real

Sub-Zero Agosto: 30 @ Rádio Zero | 31 @ RUA FM

Super Magic Hats - Coastline (Kumori)
Super Magic Hats - BrB (Kitty cover) (Kumori)
Brock Berrigan - The good times (Four walls and an amplifier)
Flying Lotus - columns groove . andreya 2 (Ideas + drafts + loops)
Flying Lotus - little hours feat. Baths (Ideas + drafts + loops)
Electric Wire Hustle - Bottom line (Love can prevail)
Electric Wire Hustle - Look in the sky (Love can prevail)
Electric Wire Hustle - Light goes a long way (Love can prevail)
Sheila Brody - I want to tell you (Mississipi EP)
Vanilla Ice vs. The Pioneers - Ice bucket baby (Skeewiff mashup)
A.J. - Don't rush (Visions)
Gemma Ray - Motorbike
Zero 7 - Red blue and green (dub copy) (Simple science EP)

Sims - L'audace (Field notes)

quinta-feira, outubro 02, 2014

Sub-Zero Agosto: 23 @ Rádio Zero | 24 @ RUA FM

Tricky - Nicotine love feat. Francesca Belmonte (Nicotine love)
Tyde - Close (The timeless beat vol. 1)
J-Louis - Before you (Rachel Foxx flip) (Soulection White Label: 010)
J-Louis - Can't you see (Soulection White Label: 010)
GL - Won't you see (Gerd Janson Dub mix)
Souls of Mischief - All you got is your word (Adrian Younge presents Souls of Mischief)
Mojo Rising - Busted n dusted (Bust free 16)
Sinitus Tempo - Miss me Senketsu (Kill la kill)
Sinitus Tempo - life fibers (Kill la kill)
Intrøvert - Pursuit of happiness (The timeless beat vol. 1)
Daisuke Tanabe - Rest (Floating underwater)
Madlib - Cue 06 (Madlib - The Beats: Our vinyl weighs a ton original soundtrack 10" vinyl)
Silk Rhodes - Pains (Pains)
Trance Farmers - Lone star (Dixie Crystals)
Lost Midas - Off the course (Off the course)
Jules Born - Oneday through friday (Memorybilia)
Jules Born - They love to shoot us (Memorybilia)
Joomanji - Impediment (Manj)