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segunda-feira, março 26, 2007

Sub-Zero 25 Março

LCD Soundsystem – Get innocuous (Sound of silver)
Zongamin – Double Dostiev (Zongamin)
Timo Maas – Hash driven (Loud)
Hipnotica – Nico (New communities for better days)
Sneaker Pimps – M’aidez (Bloodsport)
4 Hero – Take my time (feat. Jack Davey) (Play with the changes)
Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire – Pretty little thing (feat. Linn) (Soul search)
Hardkandy – Loose ends (Last to leave)
Makrosoft – The passenger (Stereo also playable mono)
Dark Comedy – Chicken blues (Funkfaker: music saves my soul)
Spaceboys – In an outer space (feat. Kika Santos) (Sonic Fiction)
Goldfrapp – Slide in (Supernature)
Muallem – Shanti dance (feat. The droids) (Frankie splits)
Colder – To the music (Heat)
Spektrum – Moody feels good (Fun at the gymkhana club)
Cartell 70 - Projecta (Cartell 70)
Isolée – Willy skiper (Hermelin)
Jaslopski – Beatzeps (Jazzanova…broadcasting)
Radiohead – Skttrbrain (Four tet remix) (Four tet remixes)
Calexico – Black heart (Jazzanova’s white soul dub) (The remixes 2002-2005)
The Good The Bad and The Queen – Herculean (The Good The Bad and The Queen)
Datarock – Laurie (Datarock Datarock)
Au revoir Simone – Backyards of our neighbours (Kitsuné compilation Vol.1)

Sub-Zero 18 Março

Destaques da semana:

» Freddie Cruger aka Red AstaireSoul search
» Hipnotica - New communities for better days
» Party Keller Vol. 2

Bonobo – Recurring (Days to come)
Air – Left bank (Pocket symphony)
Junior boys – First time (So this is goodbye)
Cool Hipnoise – Dois dias (Cool Hipnoise)
4 Hero – Morning child (feat. Carina Anderson) (Play with the changes)
Boca 45 – Crime de la Crème (Vertigo Sounds)
Muallem – Some loving (feat. Martine Girault) (Frankie splits)

Freddie Cruger aka Red AstaireSoul search
Over the ocean (feat. Desmond Foster)
Pushing on (feat. Linn)

Ruede Hagelstein – Ecletic people (Kitsuné Maisôn Compilation 1)
Bloc Party – Banquet (Boys Noize Vox Mix) (Kitsuné Maisôn Compilation 2)
LCD Soundsystem – Someone great (Sound of silver)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Flashback (Jazzanova’s Mashed Bag mix) (flashback 12'' -Jazzanova remixes)
Noiseshaper – Dunk (Real to reel)

Hipnotica - New communities for better days
Silver drops from velvet clouds

Datarock – Computer camp love (Datarock Datarock)
Pretz – Goodbye ferrers (Soundcastles)
US3 – Was it love? (Schizophonic)
Soil & Pimp – Waltz for goddess (Freshly composted Vol. 2)
Makrosoft – Das Modell (Stereo also playable mono)

Party Keller Vol. 2
Charmain Burnette – (Am I the) same girl
Sidewinder – Ego riot

Balla - Vou fazer-te brilhar (A grande mentira)

segunda-feira, março 05, 2007

Sub/Zero 4 Marco

Destaque da semana: 4 HeroPlay with the changes

Markus Enochson - Dub the noize (feat. Rachel Wilkie) (Night games)
Stereotyp – Satisfied (feat. Daniela Bauer) (Keepin’ me)
Magnus – Summer’s here (The body gave you everything)
Darondo – Legs Pt. 1 (Party Keller Vol.1)
The Funky Lowlives – Latazz (Ascension presents – The Funky Lowlives)
Radio Citizen – Everything (Berlin Serengeti)
Beto Villares – Convite para vida (Remix) (City of God – Remixed music from the motion picture)
Muallem - 2Hot, 2Cold, 2Tough (feat. Lyrics Born) (Frankie splits)
Muallem – Some loving (feat. Martine Girault) (Frankie splits)
Overtone – Give it again (Inverse cinematics remix) (Biggabush – Sound sensation)
Clyde & Capitol A – Serve it up (Starship mix) (Jazzanova …broadcasting)
Spektrum – Don’t be shy (Fun at the Gymkhana Club)
Zero DB – Coisa de gringo (feat. Heidi Vogel) (Bongos, Bleeps and Basslines)
Vern Blair Debate – Ooh ah ee (Quantic presents the world’s rarest funk 45’s)
The broken keys – Black Farr (Gravity)
Makrosoft – Smells like teen spirit (Stereo also playable mono)
Ben Mono – Jesus was a B-boy (Freshly composted Vol. 2)
Boca 45 – Crime de la crème (feat. Marc Gouvin) (Vertigo sounds)
Travis Biggs – Tibetan Serenety (New Thing !)
Death in Vegas – Opium shuffle (Dead Elvis)

Destaque da semana: 4 Hero – Play with the changes
Morning child (feat. Carina Anderson)
Take my time (feat. Jack Davey)

Eddy meets Yannah – From da rooftop (feat. Diyala) (Just like…)
Micro Audio Waves – Fully connected (No waves)
Kudu – Bar star (Death of the party)