Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

domingo, janeiro 29, 2017

Sub-Zero Novembro: 5 @ Rádio Zero | 6 @ RUA FM

Ex Reyes - Bad Timing [WILLS Remix]
Es-K - Mistakes Made (Passages)
Isaac Hayes - Do Your Thing (Part 1)
Salty - We Don't Know Anything (Camera)
Salty - Boot Pt.2 (Camera)
Myele Manzanza - On The Move ft. Rachel Fraser
Romare - All Night (Love Songs: Part Two)
Pavel Dovgal - Changes (Feat. Graciela Maria) (The Aura)
Pavel Dovgal - Floating Beams (The Aura)
Lakuta - Ultimate Robot (Captain Over Remix) (Rice & Peace EP)
BV - Up In The Flesh