Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

domingo, maio 18, 2014

Sub-Zero Maio: 17 @ Rádio Zero | 18 @ RUA FM

Adolescent - Golden halls pt. 1 (Golden halls pt. 2)
Andycode - Here now (Karman line)
DeVotchKa - 100 other lovers (The Bins remix)
Evy Jane - Closer
MAU - Safari entrepeneur part 2 (Safari entrepeneur)
Mr. Scruff - Catch sound feat. Denis Jones (Friendly bacteria)
GHETTHOVEN - By my side
The elder statesman - Montreux sunrise (Montreux sunrise / Trans-alpine express 7")
NBC - Neve (EPidemia)
Kate Tempest - Lonely Daze (Everybody down)
RZA x RAC - Cruisin (Only one place to get it)
Marta Ren - 2 kinds of men
Quantic - You will return feat. Alice Russell (You will return)
Hundred Waters - [Animal] (The moon rang like a bell)
Holy Nothing - Zebra (Boundaries)

Sub-Zero Maio: 3 @ Rádio Zero | 4 @ RUA FM

Kelle - Ballad (Second variety)
Gemini - (Que) sera (Second variety)
Nicodxmvs - Humility (Departure)
Nicodxmvs - Wakeless (Departure)
Diego Bernal & Ernest Gonzales - Veladoras (Atonement)
Jamie Isaac - Blue break (Hyetal remix)
Pazes - Untitled (The southpaw EP)
Jeremiah Jae - Palm trees feat. Isreal (Good times)
Anthony Valadez - Freedom (In search of…)
Sade - Nothing can come between us (Pomo edit)
Tinashe - Vulnerable (Pomo remix)
Okiru - Fall for you (Epilogue)
AbJo - Trip the light fantastic (Soulection white label: 009)
AbJo - Tomorrow's world (Soulection white label: 009)
Shawn Lee - We got the jazz feat. Ohmega Watts (Golden age against the machine)
Phil Weeks - Showtime

Sub-Zero Abril: 26 @ Rádio Zero | 27 @ RUA FM

Anthony Valadez - Freedom (In search of…)
Anthony Valadez - Switch it up (In search of…)
Asher Roth - Pull it (RetroHash)
Rough Fields - High time
JB Nimble - Soft spoken (The jester's dance)
JB Nimble - Bad boy bass (The jester's dance)
Vaitea - Heartbreaka (Word citizen)
Shawn Lee - We got the jazz feat. Ohmega Watts (Golden age against the machine)
Shawn Lee - Baby breakin feat. MC Shawny Shawn (Golden age against the machine)
AGC Esquire - The first broadcast
Salto - Can't you see me (Beat oven #01)
Titeknots - Bad guys won (Bad guys won / Hummingbirds)
Titeknots - Bad guys won / Hummingbirds)