Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

segunda-feira, março 24, 2014

Sub-Zero Março: 15 @ Rádio Zero | 16 @ RUA FM

Tensnake - First song (Glow)
Tame Impala - Stranger in Moscow (MJ cover)
Barrio Lindo - El aire (Menoko)
Oceaán - Turned away
Saint Timbre - Power (Power EP)
Tycho - Montana (Awake)
Tycho - Dye (Awake)
dB+PZ - Cara de Chewbacca (Flembaz Lounge remix)
Mikos da Gawd - To the top (Soulection white label: 006)
Al Quetz - Ocean (Looking for the perfect beat volume 2)
Medline - Elephant circus (Looking for the perfect beat volume 2)
Beathoven - Sid still muzik (Looking for the perfect beat volume 2)
H&O - I can't go for that (Harrison edit)
Ibibio Sound Machine - The talking fish (Ibibio Sound Machine)
Thus Owls - Bloody war (Bloody war)
The cyclist - Heated cliff (Touched by an angle)

segunda-feira, março 10, 2014

Sub-Zero Março: 8 @ Rádio Zero | 9 @ RUA FM

Hundred Waters - Cavity (Cavity)
Wino Willy - Seahaven (Louder than words: comp. 1)
Meek DeMeo - Paper birds feat. Kendrick Lamar (Galimatias remix)
Sir Sly - Gold (Phazz remix)
SOHN - Ransom notes (Tremors)
Valentin Stip - Correlation (Sigh)
Tensnake - First song (Glow)
Tensnake - The last song (Glow)
Phoenix - SOS in Bel Air (Ariel Pink's Krystal Bamboo remix) (SOS in Bel Air)
Little Dragon / Alex Barck - Ritual Union / Move slowly
Trees - Rootwork (Rootwork EP)
Bernard Wright - Just chillin' out (Kartel edit)
Midlake - The old and the young (Moullinex edit)

Sub-Zero Março: 1 @ Rádio Zero | 2 @ RUA FM

Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Make you feel
SOHN - Fool (Tremors)
Rioux - Maze1
Ewokie Talkie - B with U (Louder than words: comp. 1)
Magic Drum Orchestra - Drop it like it's hot (MDO Sessions 1)
Mr Pauer - Dare (feat. Ana & Maye Osorio) (Orange)
Alex Banks - All you could do (Alternate version)
Ohmega Watts - Dream sequence feat. Colette Chantel (Pieces of a dream)
The Range - Two (Panasonic)
Trees - Exodus (Rootwork EP)
Phyrrhic - Made to last
Disclosure - Latch (Stwo & Phazz edition)
Laurent Garnier - Wise words for no-lige guacamoles (A13)
Turing Machine - If its gone its on (Al Doyle remix) (What is the meaning of remixes)