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quinta-feira, julho 30, 2009

Sub-Zero 26 Julho

Destaques da semana:

> Mount Kimbie - Maybes
> Sideshow - Admit one


Circlesquare – Stop talking (so many) (Songs about dancing and drugs)
Bat for lashes – Glass (Two suns)
Filthy Dukes – Nonsense in the dark (Nonsense in the dark)
Why? – This blackest purse
Atlas sound – Walkabout (feat. Noah Lennox)
Datarock – Amarillion (Red)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero (RAC remix)
Animal Collective – Summertime clothes (Dâm-Funk remix)
DJ Ride – Beat journey (Beat journey)
WhoMadeWho – The plot (The plot)
WhoMadeWho – I lost my voice (The plot)
The whitest boy alive – Courage (Rules)

Mount KimbieMaybes


Doctor L – Inside The Man (feat. Derek Martin and Dom Farkas)

SideshowAdmit One

Television (feat. Cortney Tidwell)
Admit one

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Wild wind (Dr. Boondigga & The Big BW)
African Mailman – The rhythmatic orchestra (Impossible Ark: a compilation)
Cesar's Salad - Sunny (The latin beat)
Mr. Confuse – Balkan funk (Ed Royal remix) (Feel the fire: the remixes)
Chris Joss – I want freedom (Teraphonic dubs)
Chris Joss – Atomic tape(Teraphonic dubs)
Flevans – Hold on (feat. Sarah Scott) (Hold On / Hold no Water Single)

quarta-feira, julho 22, 2009

Podcast Sub-Zero

subzeronaruafm's podcast

Unplug from reality

Radio Show, aired every Sunday from ten to midnight on RUA Fm (Algarve´s Universitary Radio) - Portugal

Electronic music influenced by funk, soul, hip-hop...

Enjoy! -- Neomorf

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Sub-Zero 19 Julho

Peter Bjorn and John – Inland empire (Seaside rock)
Air – Do the joy (Love 2)
Portishead – Machine gun (Third)
Bat for lashes – Glass (Two suns)
Bat for lashes – Daniel (Two suns)
Coldfinger – Come take the ride (Coldfinger & friends)
Zero 7 – Everything up zizou (Yeah ghost)
TM Juke & The Jack Baker Trio – Put your hands up for Detroit (Tru-thoughts covers)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero (RAC remix)
Datarock – Give it up (Red)
Datarock – True stories (Red)
Tiga – Luxury (Ciao!)
Tiga – Love don’t dance here anymore (Ciao!)
Junior Boys – Work (Begone dull care)
Zwicker – Oddity (feat. Olivera Stanimirov) (Songs of lucid dreamers)
WhoMadeWho – Keep me in my place (The plot)
Empire of the sun – Swordfish Hotkiss night (Walking on a dream)
Animal Collective – Summertime clothes (Dam-Funk remix)
Dâm-Funk – Toeachizown (Toeachizown Vol. 1 "LAtrik")
Rick James – Mary Jane (100% Funk)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Shiverman (Dr Boondigga & The Big BW)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – The nod (Dr Boondigga & The Big BW)

Sub-Zero 12 Julho

Destaque da semana:
Fat Freddy's Drop - Dr Boondigga & The Big BW


Boozoo Bajou – Grains (Grains)
Air – Do the joy (Love 2)
Quiet Village – Too high to move (Silent movie)
The Deadbeats – Loafin’ (Loafin’ EP)
Minus 8 – Winter tales (feat. Virag) (Slow motion)
Joash – Salome (Future sounds of jazz Vol. 11)
Koop – Koop island blues (Koop islands)
Circlesquare – Stop talking (so many) (Songs about dancing and drugs)
New Max – Fumo (Phalasolo)
Chris Joss – Little nature (Sticks)
Chris Joss – Charmer (Sticks)
Jazzanova – Let me show ya feat. Paulo Randolph (Of all the things)
The Bamboos – Tears cried (feat. Kylie Auldist) (Side-Stepper)
Go Home Productions – Billy stoned (Spliced krispies)
Gecko Turner – Tieso (y sin desayuná) (Manipulado)
Junior Boys – Bits & pieces (Begone dull care)

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Dr Boondigga & The Big BW

The Camel
The nod

Kan Sano – Special blend
Zero 7 – Everything up (Zizou) (Yeah ghost)

segunda-feira, julho 06, 2009

Sub-Zero 5 Julho

Destaques da semana:

> Rui Maia - Mirror people, integrado na série 2 de Optimus Discos

> A compilação Colours of funk

> Ainda o novo single dos Zero 7, de apresentação para o novo álbum Yeah ghost


Jeb Loy Nichols – Sometime somewhere somebody (Strange faith and practice)
Gelka – Soon (Soon – The Single)
Loleqq – Fundamental techniques (Great techniques EP)
Marbert Rocel – The Pack (Part time heroes flat pack mix) (Compost Dreihundert – Freshly Composted Vol. 3)
El Michels Affair – C.R.E.A.M. (Enter the 37th chamber)
Orelha Negra – Lord
Onra – Nadiya nice (1.0.8)
Onra – Super genesis feat. Hazel (1.0.8)
General Elektriks – Raid the radio (Good city for dreamers)
Smoove & Turrell – You got me bad (Antique soul)
Kylie Auldist – Ship inside a bottle (Made of stone)
Hungryghost – C64 dub (C64 dub)
Junior Boys – Hazel (Begone Dull Care)
The Pragmatic – Rendezvous (Circles)

Rui MaiaMirror people

Never coming back (com João Vieira)
Business of pleasure

Yeah yeah yeahs – Heads will roll (It’s blitz)
Empire of the sun – Swordfish hotkiss night (Walking on a dream)
Datarock – Amarillion (Red)
Zero 7 – Everything up (Zizou) (Yeah ghost)
Shed – Sharks (Ed Royal remix) (Sharks tribute)
Diesler – Pathos (Keepie Uppies)
Greymatter – Bunda (Shapes 09/01)
Malente – In the sky (with Lars Moston) (How can you still stand to stand still?)
Dynamo Productions – Casbah (The Katalyst remix) (The new testament of funk – Exploring the funkier side of all things breakbeat)
Black Grass – Nemesis (A hundred days in one)

Colours of funk

Klaus Weiss – Jumping balls
Siegfried Schwab – Get the groove