Um programa de André Mascarenhas a.k.a. NoWay DJ

segunda-feira, abril 27, 2015

Sub-Zero Março: 28 @ Rádio Zero | 29 @ RUA FM

Sub-Zero March: 28 @ Rádio Zero | 29 @ RUA FM by Noway Deejay on Mixcloud

Hykuu - Song to say goodbye (Keep dreaming EP)
Pokey LaFarge - Knocking the dust off the rust be (Something in the water)
Hiatus Kaiyote - Breathing (Breathing underwater)
Maribor State - Raincoats (Rituals)
The Expansions - Mess up your mind (Aubergine's escape)
Dizz1 - Get em up feat. Frank Nitt (Danny Breaks remix) (Get em up EP)
Sweatson Klank - I'm a fool (I'm a fool)
Aligning Minds - Ether perfect (KiloWatts 'Total Blindness' remix) (My heart is remixed)
King Mono - Ointment (Bump in the night)
King Mono - Far out (Bump in the night)
Margie Joseph - The same love that made me laugh (Scrimshire edit)
Esta - Only one (Love is king)
Le Dom - Fresh out d oven

Sub-Zero Março: 21 @ Rádio Zero | 22 @ RUA FM

Sub-Zero March: 21 @ Rádio Zero | 22 @ RUA FM by Noway Deejay on Mixcloud

Purple Ferdinand - Loving the hate (Love bound EP)
rome fortune + ceej - lolo blUez (loloU)
STUFF. - Event horizon
Emprss - Everything surrounds you (Blue EP)
Bad veins - Not like you (The mess remade)
Tribe Society - Kings (Delirium Sonata)
WIN WIN - Couch Paranoia (Couch Paranoia)
Jonny Faith - Revolve (Neon)
Notorious BIG - Hypnotize (Altered Tapes edit)
Margie Joseph - I can't move no mountains (Scrimshire edit) (Scrimshire edits)
Fluida - Deep down (Dub)
Howson's groove - The night
Young Fathers - Shame

Sub-Zero Março: 7 @ Rádio Zero | 8 @ RUA FM

Sub-Zero March: 7 @ Rádio Zero | 8 @ RUA FM by Noway Deejay on Mixcloud

Citymouth - Glowscraps (feat. Kumar) (Astrocentric)
Bad veins - Kindness (The mess remade)
The very best - Hear me (Makes a king)
Maximus MMC - east.
Maximus MMC - YAY.
L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae - Taken by the night (The night took us in like family)
Stik Figa - Lowlands (prod. Leonard Dstroy feat. Ubiquitous of CES Cru) (Elmhurst)
Portico - 101 feat. Joe Newman (Living fields)
The Seshen - Oblivion (Shapes:Wires)
Wallwork & RZR - Ibada funk
Pixelord - Berlin (Places)
Pimps of Joytime - Dance cardia feat. Rubble bucket (Jukestone paradise)
E. Live - Flotational device
DrumTalk - Everything
Potato head People feat. Amalia - Luv ya (Noo-Bap remix) (Big luxury)

segunda-feira, abril 20, 2015

Sub-Zero: 28 Fevereiro @ Rádio Zero | 1 Março @ RUA FM

Sub-Zero 28 February @ Rádio Zero | 1 March @ RUA FM by Noway Deejay on Mixcloud

Sweatson Klank - Listen to the love (Listen to the love)
Ashwood Shepard - All I ever wanted (We got it in Nature vol. 3)
Pete Range - It's gonna be... (We got it in Nature vol. 3)
Scietific Dreamz of U - Sacred fractal geometry (The dreamcode)
Tuxedo - Watch the dance (Tuxedo)
Graze - WoodF
The Pop Group - S.O.P.H.I.A. (Citizen zombie)
DJ Rebel mashup - Uptown a little bit more
Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars - Uptown funk (Oldtown cover feat. Alex Boye & The Dancing Grannies)
Howling - Signs (Kalabrese remix) (Signs remixes)
Kraak & Smaak - Stange days (Chrome waves)
SBTRKT - New Dorp. New York (Captain Planet bootleg) (Mixtape riot)
Michal Lewicki - Komeda (Ton)
Pokey LaFarge - Something in the water (Something in the water)