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quarta-feira, março 08, 2017

Sub-Zero Novembro: 20 @ RUA FM | 26 @ Rádio Zero

juliebyrne - Natural Blue
Arboreal - Down (feat. Wool)
Moo Latte - Jeg Flytter
Romare - Who To Love? (Love Songs: Part Two)
Her - Union (Her Tape #1)
Klunks - Apple self (Hollow Scenes)
Le son - Without A Sound
Yesking - Overproof (Hardground / Overproof Remixed)
Moonchild - The Truth (DJ Jazzy Jeff & James Poyser Remix)
Dead Horse Beats - Young ruins (Bad Hopes EP)
Peanut Holmes - Deja Vu (Hello)
KEI-LI - Mushroom Kingdom
Brock Berrigan - A Night in Vegas
Your Gay Thoughts - Wet Vexing Rose (Brassfoot Remix) (The Watercolors Remixed [via XLR8R])
Razor-N-Tape - Humpty Dump (The Reflex VIP Edit)
Pavel Dovgal - The Soul Of Mbira (The Aura)

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